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Fairfax County School Board Discusses Absences for Civic Engagement

After the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL back in February of 2018, a student led movement calling for an end to gun violence swept across the country. That movement involved student organized walkouts of school, lobby … Continue reading

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Fairfax County Republicans Are Trumpifying Our Schools

The partisan divide has been growing for awhile now, but the extreme rhetoric Donald Trump repeatedly uses has people rightfully frustrated with the state of political discourse in the country. The bigotry and misinformation Trump uses has almost become commonplace … Continue reading

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Tom Wilson Struggles With the Facts on School Trailers

During a recent forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters, Tom Wilson claimed his fellow school board members “lacked integrity” and that his opponent was lying about his record. This was part of an overall effort to portray himself … Continue reading

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Tom Wilson Promotes Extreme Agenda When He Even Bothers To Show Up

There’s an old Woody Allen quote that says “just showing up is half the battle.” When it comes to the Fairfax County School Board, however, it appears as though Tom Wilson has been having some difficultly with this concept. Throughout … Continue reading

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