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Chasten Buttigieg Calls Out Trump’s Bigotry and Homophobia

Mayor Pete might have excited a lot of people during his presidential campaign, but his husband was actually a huge draw as well for many folks. Chasten Buttigieg is a school teacher who would frequently headline major events for Pete … Continue reading

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Mayoral Candidate Richelle Wallace Spews Anti-Trans Rhetoric on Social Media

Local elected officials often have a significant amount of influence over how welcoming their communities are for the LGBT community and other groups who face discrimination. They not only help govern the locality, but can help promote a certain set … Continue reading

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VA Senate Democrats Announce Legislative Priorities

As members of Virginia’s General Assembly have begun pre-filing legislation to be considered in the upcoming session, the Senate Democratic caucus has announced its priorities for the session. Considering they campaigned upon similar themes this year, it shouldn’t be too … Continue reading

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Steve Adragna Suggests Transgender Community Changes Gender “Every Six Months”

Republicans in Northern Virginia have a history of trying to claim they don’t support discrimination, but belittling the LGBT community and supporting policies that make them second class citizens. The latest example of this came in a League of Women … Continue reading

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Dave LaRock and Others Continue Campaign Against LGBT Equality

As a member of Equality Loudoun’s steering committee, I was involved with getting the Loudoun County School Board to add gender identity and sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy. It was an uphill battle where we frequently saw right wing … Continue reading

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Braden Holtby Participated in Capital Pride Over the Weekend

While the NHL and other organizations have been making an effort to improve their efforts to reach out beyond their traditional base of support, hockey isn’t known as being the most diverse sport out there. This is why it’s important … Continue reading

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