Chasten Buttigieg Calls Out Trump’s Bigotry and Homophobia

Mayor Pete might have excited a lot of people during his presidential campaign, but his husband was actually a huge draw as well for many folks. Chasten Buttigieg is a school teacher who would frequently headline major events for Pete while crisscrossing the country lining up support for the former South Bend Mayor and it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’s still out there making media appearances.

In the lead up to the Democratic National Convention, he actually went on Fox News program in LA to talk about Kamala Harris being named as the VP candidate and a variety of other issues. During the appearance, he didn’t hold back at all as he made it clear he wants a president who’s willing to ensure everyone has an opportunity to thrive … something he clearly doesn’t think Trump’s willing to do.

“As a teacher, I’m always thinking about what my kids are seeing,” he said. “I hope soon they’ll be seeing an empathetic, compassionate, loving Vice President like Kamala Harris speaking on the television and not a bigoted, homophobic president like the one we have in the White House right now.”

The host pretty much could only mumble a “that’s pretty pointed right there” response before going on to ask about what it’s like to be the spouse of a candidate and what he thinks of Dr. Jill Biden.

Chasten would later add that he would like to see “a president who cares,” which is a sentiment a lot of people have expressed after Trump has dismissed over 170,000 deaths by saying “it is what it is” when asked about the number of deaths during an interview and repeatedly saying people who lost their job during the public health crisis simply want to sit back and collect unemployment rather than work.

“You know, I want young kids, I want my students, to look at the White House and see an administration that sees their worth and their dignity,” the teacher added. “I don’t want any more of what’s coming out of this White House which won’t even name things like the violence directed toward Black trans women.”

No matter what you think of Chasten’s politics or his husband’s presidential campaign, you cannot deny he’s absolutely correct here. We need leaders who are willing to treat LGBTQ people with common decency instead of spewing bigotry and divisiveness on a daily basis.

Laura Ingraham Attacks Fairfax County Public Schools

After Betsy DeVos has repeatedly attacked Fairfax County Public Schools recently, Laura Ingraham of Fox News took to the airwaves yesterday to spew all sorts of nonsense about the school system. Among other things, she claimed “Black Lives Matters zealots have an oversized influence” and “they’re trying to turn your kids into hardcore activists.” The remarks came because she was furious that the county’s considering hiring a Chief Equity Officer.

This kind of nonsense is nothing new, however, as it’s the same hate filled rhetoric that we saw on the campaign trail during last year’s state and local elections here in Virginia. The Republican Party has become so extreme that they lost every single school board race in Fairfax last year and there’s only two Republicans who represent any precincts in the county.

These miserable results was largely a result of their candidates doing things like saying the school system was wrong to even consider the names of schools that glorified confederate soldiers, claiming LGBT students were the “loudest special interest group” and we should “stop wasting our time” on equality, suggesting people of color couldn’t possibly face discrimination because there were plenty of ethnic restaurants in Fairfax, insisting that immigrants are bringing diseases into the schools, and actually skipping events at schools in their district in order to host events with senior staffers from SPLC designated hate groups.

With all that in mind, here’s the video of Laura Ingraham speaking about how horrible she thinks it is that the school system is actively trying to create a welcoming environment and ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive.