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Elizabeth Schultz Blames Everyone Else for Her Lack of Community Engagement

Most of the candidates endorsed by the Fairfax County Republican Party for the school board this year have been ranting and raving about how Democrats have had a majority on the school board since it became an elected position back … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schultz Says Immigrants are Bringing Diseases Into Fairfax County Public Schools

The Springfield District Council hosted a forum for candidates running for the Springfield seat on the Fairfax County School Board last night at Washington Irving Middle School. While many of the questions were topics like school boundaries and gun violence … Continue reading

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Washington Post Announces School Board Endorsements

The Fairfax County School Board is technically a non-partisan body and was designed that way in hopes of helping members set aside politics to ensure our students receive the best education possible.¬† As the Washington Post editorial board wrote while … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schultz Hosts Event With Senior Staff of Designated Hate Group

On Tuesday of this week (October 22, 2019), Fairfax County Public Schools hosted a meeting for the community at Centreville High School entitled “Community Event on how to Support our Students in a Digital World.” Considering how Elizabeth Schultz showed … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schultz Sends More Dog Whistles About George Soros Funding a “Radical Agenda” to “Really Change the Entire Structure of Fairfax”

Elizabeth Schultz’s remarks regarding how the Holocaust is taught in schools have received a lot of attention (as they justly should), which eventually forced her to respond. Instead of coming out with a simple, “hey, here’s what I was really … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schultz Suggests She’s Being Bullied By Organizations Funded By Wealthy Jews

Elizabeth Schultz has responded to the reports about her comments regarding how the Holocaust is being taught in schools and has essentially claimed that she is being bullied by organizations that are funded by, and use the tactics of, Jewish … Continue reading

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Republicans Responding To Elizabeth Schultz Story

As the story about Elizabeth Schultz’s comments¬†regarding “both sides” of the Holocaust being taught in schools has received a lot of attention, there have been some Republicans who started to respond. They appear to realize that suggesting there are two … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Schultz Says Schools Should Teach “Both Sides” of the Holocaust

Elizabeth Schultz has a history of making extremely controversial remarks and treating the school system’s staff and her fellow board members horribly while promoting an extremist agenda, but it appears as though she’s taken it to a whole new level. … Continue reading

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Fairfax County Republicans Are Trumpifying Our Schools

The partisan divide has been growing for awhile now, but the extreme rhetoric Donald Trump repeatedly uses has people rightfully frustrated with the state of political discourse in the country. The bigotry and misinformation Trump uses has almost become commonplace … Continue reading

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Steve Adragna Suggests Transgender Community Changes Gender “Every Six Months”

Republicans in Northern Virginia have a history of trying to claim they don’t support discrimination, but belittling the LGBT community and supporting policies that make them second class citizens. The latest example of this came in a League of Women … Continue reading

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