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I was Part of the Studio Audience for Nancy Pelosi’s Town Hall on CNN

I was in the CNN studios last night for the town hall Jake Tapper moderated with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although it’s been scheduled for awhile and impeachment was always going to be a topic that was likely asked about, the … Continue reading

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Fairfax County Republicans Are Trumpifying Our Schools

The partisan divide has been growing for awhile now, but the extreme rhetoric Donald Trump repeatedly uses has people rightfully frustrated with the state of political discourse in the country. The bigotry and misinformation Trump uses has almost become commonplace … Continue reading

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Where Virginia’s Members of Congress Stand On Impeachment Inquiry

As Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry yesterday, support for the impeachment process has fallen along party lines among members of Congressional delegation. Considering how loyal Virginia’s Republicans have remained to Donald Trump, it … Continue reading

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Gerry Connolly Supports Beginning Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Gerry Connolly is a strong progressive and represents his district extremely well, but he’s probably not on anybody’s list of the most liberal members of the House of Representatives. That’s why his announcement this morning that he supports starting … Continue reading

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Pelosi, Schumer, and Others Call On McConnell and Trump to Act on Gun Violence Prevention

There’s already been a lot of talk among Virginia’s elected officials about how the Republicans in the General Assembly refused to have any legitimate discussion on legislation to curb gun violence, but leaders are now highlighting the lack of action … Continue reading

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Jennifer Wexton Calls for Impeachment Proceedings

Although Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leaders in the House Democratic Caucus are still hesitant to get on board with impeaching Donald Trump, we’re seeing an increasingly large number of members who’ve announced their support of the efforts. The latest … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Speaks at HRC Gala in Ohio

While most of the 2020 Democratic candidates for president were out in California for an annual meeting of the state Democratic party, Joe Biden was in Ohio to speak at a gala hosted by the Human Rights Campaign. The large … Continue reading

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Virginia Will Comply With Trump’s Ban on Transgender Military Service

While Donald Trump has tried to kick of Pride Month by claiming he’s friendly towards the LGBT community, the policies he’s promoting have made it clear he isn’t a friend of equality. Despite objections from men and women in uniform, … Continue reading

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Alex Cora was Justified Despite Causing Controversy by Skipping White House Visit

As someone who’s worked in politics for most of his adult life and a huge baseball fan, I’ve always been interested in the cross between politics and sport — especially baseball. And the latest example of this can be seen … Continue reading

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Bill Kristol Speaks at American University

Having served in senior positions for Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush before eventually becoming the editor of the Weekly Standard until 2016, Bill Kristol is an establishment Republican who has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. How he … Continue reading

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