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Andi Bayer Says We Should “Follow the Money” to See Who’s Influencing FLE (Sex Ed) Curriculum

Republicans in Fairfax County have been sending out antisemitic dog whistles throughout the entire campaign. It even got to the point where Elizabeth Schultz received criticism for her remarks on how the Holocaust is taught in schools and responded by … Continue reading

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Andi Bayer Says Teachers Using “Anti-American” Materials

I’m not sure what Andi Bayer thinks our teachers are doing in Fairfax County Public Schools, but she’s now claiming students are taught “anti-American” and “pro-socialism” material. “I tutor these kids, I see what they’re learning,” Bayer said at a … Continue reading

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Andi Bayer Says People of Color Don’t Face Discrimination in Fairfax Because There Are Plenty of Ethnic Restaurants

When it comes to the Fairfax County School Board, the Republican candidates have made some extremely inappropriate comments throughout this year’s campaign.  That’s why the Washington Post took the time to emphasize the “vitriolic” and “poisonous tone” resulting from the … Continue reading

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Andi Bayer Says FCPS is Wasting Money on Teacher Training, Mental Health, and Creating “a Child Centered Utopia”

During a forum at Mantua Elementary School on Sunday, candidates for the Fairfax County School Board were asked about where they thought there was wasteful spending in the school system’s budget. Andi Bayer, the Republican running for the Providence seat, … Continue reading

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GOP School Board Candidates Say “We Like America” and Rant About Democrats Having a Majority

While they’re not receiving as much attention as some of the races for the General Assembly, there has been a lot of drama taking place in races for Fairfax County School Board. In addition to Elizabeth Schultz’s controversial remarks about … Continue reading

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School Board Candidate Andi Bayer Says LGBT Students are “Loudest Special Interest Group” and “We Should Stop Wasting Our Time” on Equality

I’m still working on several more posts that will provide in depth analysis and recordings of last night’s League of Women Voters forums for the Providence district, but I wanted to draw attention to the answers the school board candidates … Continue reading

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