Bryan Scrafford is a community organizer based in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. There are a variety of progressive causes he works on while trying to get more people involved in the political process, but he’s extremely active in the fight for LGBT equality and economic justice.

His political career started during his college days at George Mason University when he became frustrated with the lack of media coverage for local issues and launched a political blog that focused in on Northern Virginia. That led to him volunteering for campaigns, becoming a member of various progressive groups, and eventually serving as a staffer for campaigns and other grassroots organizations.

Scrafford now works as the Virginia Organizer for Americans for Democratic Action, is an active member of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, and serves on the Steering Committee for Equality Loudoun. With that being said, his opinions here are his own and don’t necessarily represent those of the organizations he’s associated with.

Life’s not always about politics. Bryan’s also a big baseball fan who’s followed the Boston Red Sox since he was a teenager (DC didn’t have a team when he was growing up) and became a fan of the Washington Nationals after they came to town. While baseball’s his main sport, he is a hockey fan as well and supports the Washington Capitals. With that in mind, you’ll occasionally find some baseball and hockey related posts here.