Member of Amanda Chase’s Security Team Arrested

When it comes to hiring members of their security detail, one would think gubernatorial candidates would want to surround themselves with upstanding citizens. People who spent time in law enforcement, the military, or another role giving back to the community would probably be the first group of folks I’d want to fill the role. But it appears as though Amanda Chase has taken the exact opposite route as she has a history of hiring questionable characters with ties to far right extremist groups who end up getting arrested.

According to Brandon Jarvis of Virginia Scope, “a security guard for state Senator Amanda Chase” ended up being “arrested in Chesterfield County for strangulation early Monday morning, according to a police spokesman.” The man, David Lee Carter, has been prominently featured by the campaign team and appears in multiple photos with Chase while she’s been campaigning.

Police statements about the incident suggest there was a domestic violence aspect to the situation involving a female at the residence. The woman was supposedly “known to him,” which suggests Carter was physically assaulting a romantic partner or someone else he had a relationship with.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the right wing gubernatorial candidate’s security team has come under scrutiny. Two members of her security detail were arrested in the aftermath of the 2020 election as they were driving up to Philly with AR-15s and other weapons in vehicles displaying Q-Anon stickers. The FBI had been tipped off that the pair was on their way to the Philadelphia Convention Center, which is where ballots were still being tabulated, and likely didn’t have the best intentions.

Before making the trip, the pair had been pushing conspiracy theories on social media suggesting there was a significant amount of voter fraud and action needed to be taken to stop “illegal votes” from being counted. Considering they were heavily armed and heading to a site where votes were being counted, law enforcement officials were obviously concerned about what they planned to do after arriving at the convention center.

In addition to working on Chase’s security detail, those men were driving a car known to be associated with the extremist group called Virginia Armed Patriots and have a long history of right wing activism. One of them, for instance, claimed Trump would remain president no matter what happened in the election and had a history of publishing extremely violent political cartoons. On top of that, reports say he stated killing people he viewed as responsible for the pandemic as “a legitimate act of self-defense and not a crime.”

At the end of the day, Amanda Chase wasn’t the one who was assaulting the woman and a campaign spokesman has said they weren’t aware of any criminal behavior prior to news of the arrest. But it certainly says a lot about Sen. Chase and the people she surrounds herself with that three members of her security detail have been arrested for violent activity or breaking laws surrounding firearms in the last two months.

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