Fairfax County Leaders React to Joe Biden Winning Election

Fairfax County has been one of the more liberal counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia and delivered solid victories for the entire Democratic ticket in this year’s election. It therefore shouldn’t be too surprising that the county’s leaders were thrilled that Joe Biden was declared the winner today after Pennsylvania was called in his favor.

In the hours since Biden was announced as the president-elect, Fairfax County’s leaders have quickly put out statements that were optimistic about the direction he’ll take the country. Many were also quick to point out how his presence in the White House means Fairfax will now have an ally who will help move us forward in a way the county never saw from Donald Trump.

As word came that Joe Biden was being declared the winner, for example, Donald Trump was out playing golf at a golf course he owns in Northern Virginia. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-VA10) highlighted this while pointing out that Trump is still president until January 20th.

“Hey, Donald Trump. I appreciate your fondness for VA-10, but you’re still president for a couple more months and the pandemic is still raging out of control—including in your own White House,” Rep. Wexton tweeted“This national disgrace cannot end soon enough.”

She would also rightfully call attention to the historic nature of Kamala Harris become the first female Vice President. “On January 20th, 2021, there will be a woman in the White House,” she tweeted. “Congratulations, Kamala Harris.”

Karl Frisch represents the Providence District on the Fairfax County School Board and is definitely one of the more active local officials on social media. Shortly after media networks started calling the race for President-Elect Joe Biden, Karl tweeted about how he believed the news was worth celebrating.

“Of the hundreds of mobile alerts I have received on my phone over the past four years thanks to Donald Trump, finally one worth celebrating,” Karl tweeted along with a screenshot of the CNN alert declaring Biden the winner. He would later add “Goodbye Betsy DeVos.” Considering how Betsy DeVos has long been an advocate of shifting funding away from public schools in favor of charters and private schools and specifically called our Fairfax County on several occasions, it shouldn’t be too surprising for a school board member to be looking forward to having a partner as the next Secretary of Education.

Even before the news that the election had been called for Joe Biden, Chairman Jeff McKay highlighted the work that had been done here in Fairfax County. In addition to praising the leadership from the County’s electoral board, he focused in on how “elections matter” and we’re seeing great results here in Fairfax County.

“Elections matter,” McKay said in an email sent out to his supporters. “Just look at our work from Tuesday. As the largest jurisdiction in Virginia, we delivered. In addition to an overwhelming number of votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President (two and a half times the number of votes their opponent received), we secured strong victories for Sen. Mark Warner and Reps. Gerry Connolly, Don Beyer, and Jennifer Wexton. In Fairfax County, all four of our bond items passed as well.”

As Virginia has elections every year, it also shouldn’t be too surprising that many of the 2021 gubernatorial candidates have also chimed in on the results. In addition to highlighting how Kamala Harris will now be the first female vice president and went to a HBCU, for example, Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy spoke about how she’s looking forward to moving past the hateful rhetoric Donald Trump too often employed.

“The pain Donald Trump inflicted on this country will take time to heal. But with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm, we will move forward and away from the carnage that defined the last four years,” Jennifer tweeted. “I look forward to being a part of that progress.”

Unfortunately, the Fairfax County Republican party continued to push the conspiracy theories be promoted by Donald Trump about voter fraud. Shortly after Biden was declared the winner the Fairfax GOP sent out a message saying “if you saw something fishy, let Team Trump know.” This comes after they had volunteers who were engaging in extremely questionable activities at early voting sites and providing voters in the most diverse ares of Fairfax County blatantly false information about when voting ended.

In the long run, it appears as though many leaders here in Fairfax County are hopefully after the election was called for Joe Biden. But the actions of the local GOP shows how there’s still a lot of work to do if we hope to have the Biden Administration live up to its full potential.

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