Trump Claims He’s Most “Pro-Gay” President in American History

Donald Trump took to twitter over the weekend to use a survey a hookup app took of its members to claim he had the support of the LGBTQ community.

The survey being referenced was one conducted by the hookup app called Hornet and showed that 66% of respondents preferred Joe Biden over Donald Trump. But Trump and his supporters have decided to focus in on how when the results were simply limited to gay men in a certain geographic location, the president actually had the support of 45% of respondents.

It’s important to note, however, that even reports suggesting these results are good for Trump admit the app’s users aren’t necessarily representative of the large LGBTQ community and the poll wasn’t conducted in a manner polling experts say is likely to produce reliable results.

Trump’s decision to highlight these results, however, does fit with his personal history of trying to do nominal outreach to members of the LGBTQ community that might hold some conservative political beliefs. Back in August, for instance, he claimed it was a “great honor” to be the “most pro-gay president in American history.”Of course, this comes as Trump’s campaign is promising he will push an anti-LGBTQ agenda if he’s reelected and he’s already pushed discriminatory policies during his first term.

Just recently, for instance, he’s fought to deny funding to school district that are supportive of trans students, advocated for allowing homeless shelters to prevent trans people from seeking services, rolled back protections that prevented healthcare companies from denying life saving medical care to trans people, says companies should be able to fire people based solely upon their sexual orientation or gender identity, and thinks same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt or even legally be married. And that’s only a small list of the homophobic and transphobic items he’s tried pushing on the American people.

With all that in mind, it makes since that the much more reliable poll conducted by Morning Consult showed only 20% of the LGBTQ community actually supports Trump. 
What makes Trump’s comments especially interesting is the debate currently taking place surrounding the Supreme Court. Many of the people believed to be frontrunners for the SCOTUS nomination have a long history of opposing LGBTQ rights and equality for women. 

By trying to act as though the LGBTQ community supports him and he doesn’t have a horrible history on equality, it’s very easy to believe he might be trying to lay the groundwork for claiming Democrats are just trying to make the SCOTUS nominee look bad by raising concerns about an anti-LGBTQ record. Even a quick look at the facts, however, suggest that’s simply not the truth.

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