GOP Candidate Bob Good Says Systematic Racism Doesn’t Exist

Bob Good, the Republican nominee in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, won the nomination largely because he repeatedly bashed his opponent for participating in the wedding ceremony of two male staffers. He’s now continued to show his ignorance by claiming systemic racism no longer exists and is actually “a manufactured crisis” designed to make Donald Trump look bad.

Good went on to claim an African American running against him is the “worst” candidate and is horrible because “he’s wrapped himself in the Black Lives Matter movement,” which he claims is bad because it supports equality for all…. including LGBT people. In other words, he claimed systematic racism doesn’t exist but immediately proceeded to attack someone for believing traditionally marginalized communities shouldn’t be discriminated against.

All this comes as multiple people of color have been murdered, the cops were called on a black man because he was birding, a wealthy white couple pulled guns on Black Lives Matter protesters, and so much more racist activity happens on a daily basis. Just like how Trump claimed the coronavirus was a hoax created by the Democrats to make him look bad, Bob Good claims these things don’t happen and it’s all a big ploy to make Trump and the GOP look bad

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