Amanda Chase Attends Rally With White Supremacists

amanda chaseIn case there was any doubt about whether or not Amanda Chase was going after the vote of white supremacists after she said a member of the legislative black caucus couldn’t possibly represent all Virginians, she spent the Fourth of July hanging out with some rather despicable characters while carrying an assault weapon at a rally in Richmond. As the Richmond Times Dispatch reports, the crowd included white supremacists, opponents of gun violence prevention, and other “right wing extremist groups.”

It should be noted that while Chase has been actively defending monuments glorifying white supremacists who led armies against the United States because they wanted to buy and sell black people, she was surrounded by members of the boogaloos at the rally. For those who don’t know, the boogaloos are a violent right wing extremist group who actually advocate for a second civil war because they want to ensure liberals are removed from the government.

As Lowell over at Blue Virginia pointed out, there’s no way Chase could have denied knowing that the boogaloos were going to be there because she even posted on Facebook saying the rally was “in honor of Duncan Lemp.” Lemp was associated with a far right paramilitary group and was known to help groups who were a part of the boogaloo movement.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the whole situation is Chase appeared to know the crowds she was associating with would give a bad impression because she repeatedly kept claiming she wasn’t a racist. She frequently posted on social media about her conversation with a black man at the event, for instance, and she reportedly made sure reporters conveniently overheard it when she told a black woman “I’m with you and believe all people should be treated equally.”

Nonetheless, she still had no problem surrounding herself with white supremacists, has claimed members of the black caucus can’t look out for all Virginians, and claimed the only reason we don’t have a “white history month” or “white legislative conference” is because people would be “triggered.” In other words, she’s basically suggesting people who are black can’t represent all Virginians and that political correctness is preventing her ability to join a white pride group.

While she’s doing all of this, she’s still the frontrunner for the Republican nomination and the Republican Party of Virginia has been incredibly silent about the issue. As Delegate Jay Jones pointed out on twitter, “the silence is deafening here.”

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