GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Claims Black Caucus Members Can’t Represent All Virginians

104781003_10220987223857627_929616855962230134_nAs today’s Juneteenth and many people are celebrating the anniversary of when slaves in Texas finally heard they were free, there are still some significant challenges facing communities of color. The fact that people are currently protesting the racism that resulted in unarmed black men repeatedly being murdered is just one example of how people are justifiably outraged.

Unfortunately, the racism isn’t just found among extremist groups but can actually be seen from elected officials as well. That includes a woman who is running for governor as a Republican and has a history of attracting supporters from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In case there is any doubt about how Sen. Amanda Chase is willing to make spewing racism and hatred a part of her gubernatorial campaign, she took to social media to claim Sen. Jennifer McClellan being part of the legislative black caucus means she can’t be for all Virginians. This came as McClellan became the second woman of color to enter the gubernatorial race on the Democratic side.

“I’m sick and tired of ALL of the identity politics and yet the Virginia Governor’s race in 2021 is shaping up to be ALL about who will be the best female for Governor. If you thought Ralph Northam was bad wait to you see the McClellan agenda.

She serves as the vice-chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. One thing you can be sure of- she is NOT for ALL Virginians.”

Of course, this also comes shortly after Chase claimed taking down statues glorifying white supremacists who led armies against the United States in defense of slavery was actually people “destroying white history.” Note that she wasn’t claiming it was an attempt to erase Virginia’s history like some people do when they fight for Confederate statues, but that of white people in particular.

While Amanda Chase might be one of the more blatantly racist members of Virginia’s Republican Party, she’s far from the only one who’s constantly promoting bigotry. Right here in the more liberal Fairfax County, for instance, school board candidates made it a point to make it clear they opposed any sort of measure that embraced diversity.

During last year’s campaign, they ranted and raved about how the school system was wrong to even consider the names of schools that glorified confederate soldiers, claimed LGBT students were the “loudest special interest group” and we should “stop wasting our time” on equality, said people of color couldn’t possibly face discrimination because there were plenty of ethnic restaurants in Fairfax, told crowds immigrants are bringing diseases into the schools, and actually skipped events at schools in their district in order to host events with senior staffers from SPLC designated hate groups.

Between having gubernatorial candidates who claim being in the black caucus means you can’t represent all Virginians to all the other nonsense we’re seeing from Republican leaders here in Virginia, it’s clear the Republican Party condones racism and bigotry. The only way they’ll actually be able to win elections in the Commonwealth is if people look at the nonsense they’re spewing and decide they’re alright with their elected officials promoting these horrible values.

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