Video: Del. Karrie Delaney Provides Legislative Update

While there are obviously a number of issues Virginia’s General Assembly is dealing with that have received a fair amount of media attention, attending legislative town hall meetings during session is a great way to learn about some of the issues being addressed that aren’t featured on the evening news. That was certainly the case during a town hall meeting that Del. Karrie Delaney held with Sen. Dave Marsden on Saturday.

A couple dozen people gathered Saturday afternoon in the cafeteria of Cub Run Elementary School to updates from the General Assembly members. While a variety of issues were discussed throughout the meeting, Del. Delaney focused in on two issues during her opening remarks.

Up first, Karrie provided some in depth information about her efforts to make sure forensic nurses are available at hospitals throughout Virginia. For those who don’t know, forensic nurses are medical professionals who can not only provide treatment but also help collect evidence that could be used in a court of law if a criminal case moves forward. The Delegate also spoke about other ways she’s working to help ensure victims of domestic violence receive the treatment they need.

Del. Delaney also highlighted her work surrounding special education issues and making sure the school systems are communicating with parents about some of the work their students are doing in the schools.

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