Fairfax County School Board Supports Collective Bargaining for Public Employees

With Democrats gaining control of both chambers of the General Assembly after last year’s elections, one of the be issues being considered this session is workers’ rights. A higher minimum wage looks to be well on its way to being signed into law, for instance, and several other measures are being discussed.

What’s unfortunately faced some difficulties down in Richmond is support for allowing public employees to have their voices heard in discussions in their workplace through collective bargaining.

In hopes of making it clear that Fairfax County supports workers, the Fairfax County School Board voted to express support for legislation allowing public employees to participate in collective bargaining. This will be added to the legislative agenda the board presents to the General Assembly every year.

In the past, previous school boards have actually specifically included opposition to collective bargaining in the agenda. Realizing this is the wrong position to take, Karl Frisch made motions to remove the board’s opposition and express support for public employees having the right to collectively bargain.

The motion ended up passing unanimously and, after hearing from several speakers during citizens participation time, it was clear the board was proud to support the measure as members went into details about why they’re supportive of the teachers and other public employees being able to have their voices heard.

The following video is just a glimpse of what they had to say.

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