Danica Roem Speaks Out Against Using Stigmatizing Rhetoric

When I posted about the comments made by Richelle Wallace was making about transgender people, myself and several other people pointed out that nobody said you can’t have legitimate discussion about various issues being discussed by the General Assembly. Everybody was saying we had to be mindful of rhetoric and how much of an impact it can have on the public — especially when coming from people running for office like Wallace.

Nonetheless,  the mayoral candidate continued doing things like using transgender as a noun (something the extreme right loves to do) and making other remarks that channel right wing rhetoric designed to denigrates the transgender community. At one point, she even said that allowing people to update their birth certificate to reflect their true gender would result in the government participating in deceit and transgender women being able to trick men into marrying them.

But Richelle Wallace isn’t the only person who refuses to use rhetoric that’s respectful of others and that’s why Del. Danica Roem spoke out against people using language that stigmatizes or alienates people. Her comments during a legislative hearing are worth listening to and bring forth an important message.

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