Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

I simply wanted to set politics aside for a little bit and wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. While we all are hopefully enjoying some delicious food and perhaps watching some football before slipping into a turkey coma and eventually getting up early to take advantage of Black Friday sales, I also hope everyone takes a few moments to take in the true meaning of the holiday by expressing gratitude for some of the positive things in their life.

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, I spent almost two weeks in the hospital for a serious medical scare. I’m therefore grateful for improving health and for the reminder the anniversary provides that its something that can’t be taken for granted. I’m also thankful for having a job I truly enjoy and being surrounded by amazing friends and family.

For as long as I can remember, my family has a history of alternating between Northern Virginia (where I grew up) and the Philadelphia area (where some of my cousins grew up) for Thanksgiving. Even as we’ve gotten older, this has remained a tradition and I’ll be spending the day with family just outside of Philly.

Considering my brothers now live in New York and my cousins have scattered, it’s nice to have this annual tradition where we all come together. It’s been especially rewarding since we’ve added a whole new generation to the mix.

With all that in mind, I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the day and gets to carry on traditions or potentially even start some new ones.

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