GOP Senate Candidate Says Gun Violence Result of Taking Lord’s Prayer and 10 Commandments Out of Public Schools

During last night’s League of Women Voters forum held at the Sully District Government Center for the 32nd Senate District, the candidates were asked about what they’d do the help address the gun violence epidemic that’s facing our country and has impacted thousands of Virginians. The Republican candidate Arthur Purves, who’s currently in his eighth campaign despite never actually winning a general election, said “gun control measures are not the answer” and claimed it was actually taking the Lord’s Prayer out of our public schools that’s caused gun violence.

“We know that these gun control measures are not the answer and Japan, by the way, has much stricter gun laws than we have and they have a much higher suicide rate,” Purves said. “They just, they use different weapons to do it.”

“We’ve had the second amendment since 1791, we’ve only had this random violence in the last few decades, so what changed? What changed was they took the Lord’s Prayer and 10 Commandments out of public schools,” Purves proclaimed making this the second time he complained about religion not being taught in public schools.

“Most of the violence happens in inner cities with hand guns. And why is that,” Purves went on to say. “Well, the inner city youth, they went to school, they didn’t learn how to read, they couldn’t get good jobs, they couldn’t get married, they couldn’t be fathers, they couldn’t support their families.”

“Then you combine that with the collapse of moral values of having children out of wedlock,” Purves concluded. “That is what needs to be fixed. We need to end the violence that causes this gun violence or knife violence and the gun laws don’t address the anger.  We need to address the anger and that is what the role of religion is.”

For those who are interested, here’s the audio of his remarks on gun violence.

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