Closing Statements at LWV Forum Show Stark Contrast Between Eric Anthony Jones and Dalia Palchik

IMG_0928While there’s not always ground breaking news at debates, they do provide voters with a good opportunity to hear from candidates and can give a glimpse into what separates the candidates. Last week’s League of Women Voters forum for the candidates hoping to be the Providence representative on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors did just that. While the entire forum was illuminating, the stark contrast between the two candidates was especially apparent during the closing statements. Dalia Palchik, the Democratic nominee, showed she has a good grasp of what the board is responsible for while Republican Eric Anthony Jones decided to end the forum by going on an anti-trans tirade.

After spending a large portion of the forum bemoaning undocumented immigrants and responding to a question about gun violence by going on an anti-trans rant, Jones decided to double down on the anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant rhetoric during his closing statement.

Channeling the rhetoric that Elizabeth Schultz has used in a desperate attempt to scare people into voting for her, Jones said he opposes the “social engineering that’s being run by outsiders ideology.” While apparently trying to further clarify this, he once again said he wants to “protect the integrity and fairness of girls sports.”

In an explanation that shows just how clueless he actually is about transgender people, he implied that preventing discrimination against trans people would result in men randomly deciding to enter female athletic competitions. He claimed Wilma Rudolph “didn’t have to run against Jesse Owens” and added that the women’s soccer “couldn’t go up against men’s soccer teams.”

He then added in that he wants to preserve “traditional protections for female modesty.” This is an obvious attempt to imply preventing discrimination against the trans community would allow scary predators into girls locker rooms to do unthinkable things to students. All of this blatantly ignores how trans people simply want to go about their daily lives without being harassed, which it appears as though Jones and his allies simply don’t find acceptable.

For those who are interested, here’s video of the closing statement from Eric Anthony Jones.

In a move that very clearly showed she not only opposes spreading hatred and bigotry, but also has a much better understanding of what happens on the Board of Supervisors, Dalia listed a few of the things that are actually within the board’s purview.

The “board of supervisors, it’s about very specific things. It’s definitely not about ideology. It’s about roads, transportation. It’s about schools,” Dalia said. “It’s about our parks, our libraries, our streams, our sidewalks, our trails, our communities, our land use or development. Those are the things that we do on the board of supervisors. And we do them in collaboration, in partnership, with the state, with the county, and with the federal government.”

“Girls sports are absolutely not anywhere in the purview of the board of supervisors. Not even on the school board,” Ms. Palchick added. “There’s the VHSL. It’s a state thing and so I just want to be clear about what we do do here.”

This is an important overall concept to understand because as was mentioned in a previous post about Walter Alcorn’s campaign for Hunter Mill supervisor, local government is really about “good government” and getting stuff done for the community. The Board of Supervisors is absolutely not the place to be pushing an anti-trans agenda like Jones has made it clear he’s intent on doing.

For those who are interested, here’s the video of Dalia Palchik’s closing statement.

As Eric Anthony Jones stated during his closing statement, “there are very clear differences” between the candidates that were illustrated during the forum. He’s interested in promoted an extreme social agenda that falls outside of the Board of Supervisors’ responsibilities while Dalia Palchik wants to focus in on the things that will actually help Fairfax County residents have the opportunity to thrive. For most people who’ve listened to what the candidates have to say, it’s pretty clear who will make the better supervisor.

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