Video: Walter Alcorn Speaks at LWV Forum in Reston

The League of Women Voters have been holding a series of forums for the various candidates running for office in Fairfax County. These have been extremely well attended and usually have overflow crowds in attends. With that in mind, they held a forum at the Reston Community Center today running for office in the Hunter Mill District and the state offices that have precincts in Hunter Mill (which is basically Reston and the communities surrounding it).

Most of the other forums hosted by the League of Women Voters have followed the traditional political debate format everyone’s used to. Candidates make opening statements, answer questions, and give closing statements. Since several of the Republicans couldn’t even find someone to run on their platform for many of the seats, and the ones that did couldn’t even be bothered to show up, the League decided to allow candidates three minutes to give a statement before they sat at tables where people could have individual conversations with them.

Walter Alcorn, who’s the Democratic candidate for the Hunter Mill district, was there and spoke about his candidacy. His remarks highlighted his background on the planning commission and he spoke about how he hopes to help continue managing smart growth in a way that helps maintain the aspects of Reston that many people love.

Moving forward, he also spoke about how he wants to address issues such as affordable housing, fully funding our schools, workforce issues, and the environment. For those who are interested, here’s some video of his remarks:

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