Elizabeth Schultz Says Schools Should Teach “Both Sides” of the Holocaust

SchultzElizabeth Schultz has a history of making extremely controversial remarks and treating the school system’s staff and her fellow board members horribly while promoting an extremist agenda, but it appears as though she’s taken it to a whole new level. As Lowell Feld over at Blue Virginia highlighted earlier today, Schultz spoke to a group called the Prince William and Manassas Family Alliance that’s based outside of her district (and the county in general) so she perhaps thought her constituents wouldn’t know about her speech. During her remarks, Schultz said liberals were promoting an education policy that harmed a student’s “ability to offer [their] side of” the holocaust.

“If you are a ninth grader in biology who is a Muslim girl or a 10th grader in a history class who has great grandparents who were from the Holocaust, do you think that you have the ability to stand up there and say ‘no’ to a teacher or say ‘that’s not right that you’re teaching me that’ or that you’re delimiting my ability to offer my side of it,” Schultz said. “The school boards are not demanding both sides of an issue be presented.”

But the conservative Republican who represents the Springfield District on the Fairfax County School Board didn’t stop there. After frequently supporting candidates and a political party that villainizes immigrants, Schultz claimed that curriculum “the people who are immigrants who wind up most disadvantaged [by the school system’s curriculum] are actually poor, non English speaking parents.” But she didn’t say this because she cared about poor immigrants. It appears as though she really wanted everyone to know she didn’t think they were smart enough to follow what was going on in the schools.

“Do you think that the parents who are immigrants to this country, who may have a certain ethnic or cultural or religious set of values, that they are able to access the content that’s difficult for my husband and I [sic] to navigate,” Schultz said, “are they as aware of what’s going on and able to help their children learn, help them to discern what they’re learning within the context of their values, of their religion of their upbringing?” She went on to say “the parents don’t even understand what their children are learning.”

It didn’t stop there as she went on to say she’s “bullied mercilessly as a school board member.” This is despite the fact that she frequently berates staff members and just two weeks ago suggested official reports have been manipulated as part of a conspiracy to help one of the other board members. It’s also noteworthy that she’d suggest this even though she’s voted against adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the school system’s non-discrimination policy, which would have helped students who are among the most bullied groups in the school system. Plus, she was caught blatantly lying at a community forum a couple weeks ago in hopes of shaming her opponent and making her look bad.

The response to Schultz’s extreme remarks has been quick and people across the political spectrum are speaking out against her bigoted remarks. Laura Jane Cohen, the Democratic endorsed candidate for the Springfield seat, said “it never ceases to amaze [her] what Elizabeth Schultz will say to hate groups when she’s behind closed doors.”

“The school board’s biggest bully shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about bullying. The fact that Schultz would mention religious minorities while demanding that teachers present ‘both sides of an issue,’ is deeply troubling. As someone who sat in synagogue this week for Yom Kippur, while people just like me were attacked in Germany for who we are and how we worship, I believe that even entertaining the idea that there are two sides to the Holocaust is dangerous,” Cohen said. “That kind of thinking has no home here, especially when it comes to how we educate our students.”

One of Pat Herrity’s (who’s the district’s Republican representative on the Board of Supervisors) former staffers who’s running for the school board as an independent also expressed disappointment in the remarks and called on Schultz to drop out of the race.

“These comments are beyond the pale and have no place, at all, in our community, much less in a position of leadership over our school system,” Kyle McDaniel said. “Let me be clear, there are not ‘two sides’ to the Holocaust. Elizabeth Schultz needs to immediately apologize, resign, and drop out of this race. She has shown that she has neither the temperament, nor the decency to be our representative.”

It’s one thing to have differing views on issues, but it’s a whole different thing to insist on teaching “both sides” of the holocaust, implying immigrants are too dumb to follow what’s going on in the schools, and claiming to be bullied even though she has a history of actively mistreating others. As someone who grew up in the Springfield district and now lives in the nearby Sully district, I can tell you Elizabeth Schultz absolutely does not represent the community’s values. Western Fairfax County deserves better.

For those who are interested, here’s video of her remarks:

Update: In response to this situation, Elizabeth Schultz has now claimed she’s being bullied by organizations funded by wealthy Jews in order to distract from reports published in outlets with connections to the alt-right and the organizer of the white nationalist Unite the Right rally.

About Bryan J. Scrafford

Bryan Scrafford grew up in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC and stayed in the region for both college and his professional life. An avid baseball and hockey fan, Bryan's also involved with several advocacy organizations fighting for economic justice, LGBT rights, and other issues. You can follow him on twitter at @bscrafford and Instagram at @bjscrafford
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126 Responses to Elizabeth Schultz Says Schools Should Teach “Both Sides” of the Holocaust

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  2. Bridgett Lee Svitak says:

    I totally agree with Kyle McDaniel!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I don’t get how she’d even think to say the Holocaust was something students would have to defend their side of the story on. When did there become multiple sides to tell in the Holocaust???

    • Michael in Burke says:

      There aren’t. And for Christ sake, here in Virginia the much more reasonable argument to make was arguing over the cause of the Civil War. Folks here get pretty passionate about whether states rights or slavery prompted the Civil War, so that would have been the painfully obvious example to use if you wanted to discuss only one perspective being taught. Nobody in there right mind thinks there are two sides to the Holocaust.

      • phair2 says:

        You’re right. There’s 1 side. It didn’t happen. The real Holocaust was the 15 million Germans that died during and after the war.

      • Tom S. says:

        Thank you phair2, what would a page like this be worth without Russian bots doing their (pathetic) best to fire up hatred and division?

    • Her insistence on mentioning Muslims caught my attention. Now I don’t pretend to know if there were in fact any Muslims in Europe during WW II, but if there were I can tell you what happened to them.

      • Morizen Foche says:

        actually, there was the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS “Handschar” (1st Croatian)

      • <>

        Yeah but what did the Germans do with them when they were done? The Nazis had a habit of killing people who served their purpose after they got done using them.

      • Meaghan says:

        There were Muslims in Europe, mainly Yugoslavia. They were not badly treated. Ironically many Albanian Muslims helped save their Jewish neighbors cause of the tradition of “besa” which roughly translates to “hospitality.” The Nazis were also on excellent terms with the Mufti of Jerusalem.

  4. Tracy says:

    What is she even talking about? Conservatives usually hate it when minorities challenge a curriculum. Now she thinks that they can’t?
    A biology class is a biology class… A 9th grade Muslim girl gets the same scientific information as the rest of her classmates. If her parents dont eant her looling at photographs of human bodies” that is not the school’s job to censor science.

  5. Jerry Newman says:

    Perhaps she could tell us what “the other side” to the Holocaust is. The only side I have ever seen is the suffering and wholesale killing of people. If there is a rational other side I’d love to see it and am asking to explain it to us.

    • Tracy McIntosh says:

      She said what she said. Did you listen or read it? There’s not 2 sides to the Holocaust. People’s beliefs have nothing to do with what is taught in schools.

      History. (It is what it is), English ( Enough said) Science ( not secular). Geography ( Science has proven the world is not flat)

      • Susan says:

        But that’s the point. Yes, she said what she said – but she did not explain what she thought “the other side” *was*. We can *guess*, & it’s not to her favor, but some people would like her to be specific about what she means.

  6. Erin Wolf says:

    Why did she even remotely think bringing up the Holocaust to show where both sides of an issue need to be taught would be a good thing?

    She either was deliberately trying to invoke Holocaust denial or she’s so out of touch and such a horrible public speaker that she somehow managed to bring the Holocaust into a discussion about teaching both sides of an issue. Neither option’s good and neither represents traits of someone who deserves to be on the school board.

    • M.E. Wesley says:

      She is so hard to listen to. I keep screaming in my head: “Get to the point” and “So what are you really saying?” Her “both sides now” reference to the Holocaust is as telling as her President’s: “there are good people on both sides.” Oy vey. School board dispatches from the front.

  7. Rosemary Martin says:

    Sounds like she was trying to say the parents of immigrants need help, because they come here with different beliefs. I doubt she was saying what you all are pushing. We all know the holocaust was to destroy people Hitler didn’t like. Like PP , and the Negro Project. Hitler believed in eugencis like Sanger. Democrats on parade.

    • Leah Morgan says:

      If we all know the Holocaust was designed to kill people Hitler didn’t like, why did she use the Holocaust as a hypothetical situation for where both sides of an issue weren’t being told. Even you admit there’s only one side of the Holocaust, so she obviously must have wanted the push some sort of Holocaust denial messaging

    • Ann Parker says:

      In your babbling are you trying to say that Hitler was a Democrat and Planned Parenthood kills people they don’t like? Do you know how moronic you sound? I am going to guess you are a standard trump supporter and therefore too stupid to know how stupid you are, classic.

    • Susan says:

      I doubt you know what yo’;re talking about, much less what she is. You have bought into the lies about Margaret Sanger & especially Planned Parenthood, & are clinging to a debunked narrative about the Democrats of today being anything like the Democrats of pre-1960’s America. the parties were reversed before the Civil Rights Era. Both of you are proof that we need to overhaul the educational system in this country.

    • Edward A Coonce says:

      You and people who think like you are everything that’s wrong with America.

    • phair2 says:

      Why didn’t they kill them like in the Soviet Union where 110 million people were murdered? With a bullet to the head? On the spot. No camps. Much cheaper. You’ve all been lied to. If someone intended to kill them all, they simply would have. Nothing was stopping them in Late 1941-early 1944. They had plenty of time. But they didn’t do it obviously. We have to stop believing TV documentary fairy tales and Hollywood movies with “stories” and “actors” because that’s all it is.

    • Edward A Coonce says:

      Yeah, of course it’s too bad that the Democratic President we had at the time, FDR, killed so many of those “good” NAZIs. I mean, what would the world be like now if Nazis had prevailed? Actually, they got a well deserved ass whipping as the whole world watched. Unfortunately, they are making their comeback, ideology passed from one Nazi generation to another…(Trump’s family) and the world is still suffering from Nazi ideology. You need look no further than the ethnic cleansing that Trump has embraced. I say we need to fight that nazi ideology all over again, and create a new generation of awareness of who these people are, deny them the benefits of a plural society, cast them out, deny them property rights, medicine, and housing until the die off. Never Again.

  8. Warren Jackson says:

    This is why she runs into so many problems with the school system’s staff and her fellow board members. Even when she doesn’t have sinister intent and is using rhetoric designed to inflame division, her thought process is so outside the norm that she doesn’t see how inappropriate it is to imply multiple sides of the Holocaust are even remotely being taught in Fairfax

  9. Darryl Taylor says:

    Fire her! Arrest her!

    • Susan Lubliner says:

      Stupidity, ignorance and cruelty are not crimes. We should pity her, and remove her from a position of **any** control over the currriculum of any public school.

  10. Random Reston Resident says:

    She is so inarticulate here that I have absolutely no idea what she’s really trying to say. But her past statements and people she’s linked to make your conclusion a reasonable one to make

  11. Rick Wingate says:

    WHY is anyone this stupid on the school board???? EVERY election is important. Get off yer asses for the school board elections and keep the idiots like this OFF of it. In FL some ignoramus on state board refuses to let evolution be taught. ISIS won’t destroy us, our own ignorance will.

  12. Roy says:

    No idea what all the fuss is about. We SHOULD teach kids about the millions of Nazis that the Jews slaughtered during the Holocaust.

  13. Kerry Daniel says:

    This woman is a disgrace to the educational system. She should not have any power to make any decisions on what our children learn.
    Please tell her to google the holocaust and push on images. Sorry to tell her that we didn’t have photoshop back in 1943. We deserve more intelligent representatives.
    Regarding teaching our children about all sexual identities… knowledge is power.. and we can possibly save a few children from suicide if we openly speak about this in a mature loving manner.

  14. There ARE no “both sides” of the Holocaust. That is PRECISELY why the United States GENERALS who liberated the camps insisted on photographic evidence being created for preservation of facts

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  16. Larry Hiatt says:

    Okay. Her original comments were sketchy, but I could see how she was maybe she wasn’t actually saying there were two sides to the Holocaust. But her response made it PAINFULLY OBVIOUS she was promoting an anti-Semitic message.

    She lays the blame for the situation on a wealthy Jewish person funding advocacy groups which falls in line with the message anti-semitics promote saying Jews just want to use their money to take over the world.

    She then says people are taking that money from a wealthy Jew and using it to implement strategists promoted by a Jewish community organizer.

    And as if that weren’t enough, she goes on to say this is all an attempt to distract from articles publics on a website that featured Jason Kessler, the white supremacist who organized the Unite the Right rally down in Charlottesville. This is the rally where white nationalists carried torches, chanted Jews will not replace us, and a woman protesting the white supremacists was murdered after one of them ran her over with his car.

    How the heck has the Republican Party not called on her to resign from the school board. Or at least drop out of the race so they can get behind the other right leaning candidate that’s running?

  17. Scooter says:

    Said no American who died or survived the fight against the Nazis!

  18. Celeste Zappala says:

    What is the “other side” of the Holocaust?

  19. Patrick Hair says:

    All of you except 1 are good little brainwashed useless idiots. Whose complaining the most about this teacher……”Cohen”. Lying Jews all the same. The Germans had every right and a duty to imprison Jews in their territory of control. The International Jews declared war on Germany in March, 1933 !!!! Look it up . There’s plenty of evidence that the Holohoax never happened. There have even been Jews that have admitted to that. Fake news=fake history.

    • phair2 says:

      By the way, George Washington had execution squads for prisoners that he could not take care of. He couldn’t let them go if they were too much of a threat and he couldn’t imprison them all and babysit them. And he had every right to do so. No complaints about that though aahy ?

      • gldriggs says:

        Creating multiple accounts doesn’t give you extra credibility when you’re frothing at the mouth with your conspiracy drivel.

    • And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Patrick’s remarks represent the type of hatred and bigotry that Schultz’s remarks bring out.

      I wonder if the Fairfax County GOP is still going to back a candidate who’s so clearly sending out dog whistles to antisemitics????

      • phair2 says:

        No Proof Bryan, just emotion response on your part. It has nothing to do with hatred. The truth doesn’t have emotion like hate. Like Commander Data on Star Trek Next Generation—-he can’t hate. It’s not a component.

        I’m a published wargame designer specializing in WW2. I’ve seen the proof. And once you see it you can’t un-see it or un-know it just to please others so they don’t get upset with you.

      • phair2 says:

        Also, gldriggs (not even a real name) I enjoy how you imagine me frothing when I typed it out very calmly without frothing. Just trying to frame me as a stupid angry animal so when others read it they won’t take it seriously. Failed. Your narrative is the conspiracy drivel.

      • phair2 says:

        Did you Look It Up ?? International Jews declare economic and cultural war on Germany in March, 1933? Making all Jews within Germany an enemy of the state? I bet you didn’t. Also the colonists had to do field executions in order to be successful. When the American troops didn’t even have enough shoes at Valley Forge in the winter, they couldn’t hold and take care of prisoners. The British however started the tradition of killing prisoners so at least we can claim that to make us look better. I have friends who do Revolutionary War re-enactments and they have done extensive research into this. The Americans had execution squads. Period. Not conspiracy drivel. You are very ill-informed.

      • Gary says:

        If you’re a WWII “specialist” as you claim, how did you not know that Poland were Allies that helped crack the Enigma code?


      • phair2 says:

        Insults when you can’t prove your point. The Soviet occupation occurred during the war in 1944. So Poland was Soviet controlled. Of course I know they were with the Allies. Or the ALL-Lies. Poland started the war by allowing Bolshevik Communist agitators into their country to 1) massacre and abuse German born people living in West Prussia and Pomerania and Danzig –territories given to Poland from Germany after the WW1 settlement and 2) allowing these same terrorists to attack the German border each night starting August 25th, 1939 which the Germans defeated each night and pushed them back into Poland. As a result of these frustrating failures the Polish government allowed the use of Polish Army units to aid the terrorists and in the last few days of the attacks against the German border, some of the prisoners taken by the Germans were in Polish uniforms. That was the last straw and Hitler ordered the attack on Sept. 1st to save his countrymen from genocide and prevent further attacks against Germany. British Prime Minister Lloyd George who was present at the Peace Talks after WW1 was against giving Poland German territory. He said in 1919 pointing at the map: “This is where the next World War will begin.”

      • Humpty Numpty says:

        You really aren’t exactly the wisest now are you, Patrick, m’boy?

        Time to call the looney bin, our Patrick has lost it.

      • Patrick Hair says:

        My father also fought in WW2 but buried the bodies for 8 months after the war most of which were German–the true holocaust. He came home and cried everyday because of what “we” did to France and Germany–destroyed them and killed 10s of millions. He had a German girlfriend at the same time he was shooting down their aircraft but treated the captured air crews decently. But THAT story won’t be on the news or in the history books. For your information, so that you don’t look dumb, none of the so called “death camps” were located in the west so the Americans didn’t “liberate” anything. The fake death camps were in the Soviet areas.

      • Tommy Bo Bomby says:

        Humpty Numpty Nice try on the history revisionism there, actually it was pretty lame.

        They killed a lot of people just before the troops came, the Germans. They were still half-dead bodies. There were still bodies lying there, that must have been dead maybe seven, eight hours, and they tried to bury them just before. I recall that they were shot. They were trying to bury them. And then after this I left, and they had the high brass come, the Division Commanders came and they looked at it and took pictures.

        – Corporal Eric Leiseroff – 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Infantry Division (Eliach and Gurewitsch 2)

        …we were actually hit by a stench that we immediately knew had to come from burning flesh… everybody who say what was going on there was literally stunned into silence. The only thing that was spoken after that were when orders were given to move food and blankets into the camp…

        – Sergeant Paul Lenger – 8th Armored Division, XVI Corps (Eliach and Gurewitsch 4)

        I had studied German literature while an undergraduate at Harvard College. I knew about the culture of the German people and I could not, could not really believe that this was happening in this day and age; that in the twentieth century a cultured people like the Germans would undertake something like this. It was just beyond our imagination… Many of them did not realize the significance of having been liberated. Many of them spoke to us and said that they were ordered that morning to go on a forced march and they were sure that they were going to be shot at that time, because they had heard rumors that the Americans were approaching. The Germans left in a hurry and the inmates were free and wandered about without any purpose, aimlessly, not realizing fully that finally they had been liberated.

        – Captain (Dr.) Philip Leif – 3rd Auxiliary Surgical Group, First Army (Eliach and Gurewitsch 17))

      • Tommy Bo Bomby says:

        We mentioned one thing to a German family in a town we had taken, that there was a concentration camp about four and a half miles from where they lived and they acted very surprised. They didn’t know about it. But they did know, they did know about it. They had to be blind or dead not to know about it. They saw cars and trucks going there and cars and trucks coming back. Cars and trucks going with people on them and the trucks retuned with no people on them… This was the most horrible experience of my entire life. Jews and Non-Jews, when they saw what was happening there, all I saw was many, many wet eyes. No human being had ever seen a sight like this and I hope to God we never do again.

        – Private First Class Alex Schoenberg – 90th Infantry Division (Eliach and Gurewitsch 21)

        We all expressed horror. We were aghast at what we saw. How deep that feeling was is hard to say. I cannot even speak for myself, in terms of how deep that hit me because I felt that I pushed it aside, I sort of covered it up; I didn’t want to deal with that. It was too traumatic. And like most people, you have to find some kind of security blanket, some way to insulate yourself from the Horror. And I sort of pushed it away, and I never talked about it at all.

        – Sergeant Leon Bass – 183rd Combat Engineer Battalion (Eliach and Gurewitsch 23)

        The first thing I saw was this big pile of bodies, about five, six foot high, like a haystack. I didn’t realize that they were bodies- my mind didn’t tell me they were bodies until I got a little closer.

        – Joe Vanacore (Hirsch 26)

        They treated them like animals. It was just horrible. Because it was hard to breathe. The odor, the smell, the air. The crematoriums, some of them still had bodies burning in ’em, so you could still smell it. And it was a relief on our part to get away from it, but you couldn’t forget, you couldn’t forget.

        – Max Schmidt (Hirsch 81)

    • Wahoo57 says:

      You – yes YOU! are an idiot. The people murdered is beyond comprehension, Jewish and every other group. Mr. Hair, where is your EVIDENCE? Where are the tattoos? Where were the International Jews? What army did they have? Not knowing the answer personally, what did your family ever do for America? YOU are the person who would have burned the photos taken by Eisenhower and other military – they were not fake. You are the example of what people mean saying that hate passes from generation to generation. What a waste of contemplation and supposedly rational thought.

    • Edward A Coonce says:

      There is no room in the world for evil such as your. I wish you an early death.

      • phair2 says:

        Typical response from a Commie ! Same to you. With the world that you advocate, it’s not worth even coming down to earth anymore.

      • Edward A Coonce says:

        What the fuck is a Commie? Are you actually living in 1952? If so, then you should remember the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

  20. Douglas Keachie says:

    You mean like how efficiently the camps were run? Treblinka, just 60 acres, 500 dead per day, for four years non stop, now that’s efficient!

  21. gldriggs says:

    I’ve never heard a Holocaust denier try to explain the four thousand pounds of human hair on display at the Auschwitz Museum, in Oświęcim, Poland. Did somebody just conjure that out of thin air?

    • phair2 says:

      The hair is from people who died there and also because lice spread typhus and other diseases, they cut everyone’s hair off for their own protection. There has never been one dead body autopsied or even photographed that shows that it died from gas poisoning. Not 1. In 6 million claimed. Fake news=fake history in the rearview mirror.

      • Gary says:

        “In May, 1945, just days after the German capitulation, Polish officials dispatched ten pounds of human hair found at Auschwitz to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Cracow. Following a series of chemical tests, Jan Robel, the head of the institute, confirmed, in his final report, ‘the presence of traces of cyanide, particularly the poisonous compound bearing the name Zyklon.’”


      • phair2 says:

        The victors writing history. Who checked? How do we know this is true? Poland was Soviet so what do you think they are going to say? The Soviets were busy trying to hide that they had killed 110 million as well as their executions dressed in stolen, captured, and mock up German uniforms which CAN BE PROVEN. What we do know is experts in capital punishment say that Germany could not have accomplished what they were accused of with the buildings and technology they had. They would’ve killed their own people with the gas too. What was claimed is not physically and scientifically possible on 3D planet earth.

      • Gary says:

        Poland was a republic at the onset of WWII — the Soviet occupation happened after the war. Have you ever taken a history class or did they not cover world history in your elementary school?

      • WWII was NOT a computer game. It was NAZI (your) idealogy at its height.

      • Patrick Hair says:

        Any war can be gamed out. But in doing the research, the truth and lies were discovered. The Jews declared war on Germany in March, 1933. Germany was forced into a war that they didn’t want or need. Because they started their own banking system without compounding interest. They broke away from the International banking system/slave racket. Like Lincoln tried to do. And Kennedy. Andrew Jackson and Napoleon were the only others successful at it. Khaddaffi tried. Some say Putin has succeeded. Also, ethnic Germans were being genocided to the tune of 58,000 in West Prussia, Pomerania, and Danzig, given to Poland after WW1 from Germany by Communist Bolsheviks that Poland allowed into the country. Churchill admitted that they would have destroyed Germany even if Hitler was a Jesuit priest (meaning even if he was considered a saint.)

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  23. phair2 says:

    Interesting that you bring up the Enigma Code which was not the only Code used for secret communications by Germany and it’s allies just the most famous. In ALL of those secret communications which the users still believed was secret at the time, NOTHING was said about killing Jews, death camps, and gassings. Or getting rid of an unhealthy number of dead bodies and tons of ash. Even in their “secure” communications that were secret, there is no mention of it. So they just carried all this out without communicating, planning, organizing, networking? Laughable ! The Final Solution was rounding them up–because they were enemies from within having declared war on Germany– and deporting them to Madagascar, the US, Britain, and Palestine. Jews who were not Communists or suspected Communist supporters (many times family members) were NOT repeat NOT rounded up and put in camps. Hitler’s mothers’ doctor was a Jew and he remained free. There were at least 50,000 German Jews who were ant-Communist and swore allegiance to Hitler and fought IN the German Army. They had a Star of David shoulder patch (a place of honour) instead of a back or chest patch for prisoners (dishonor).

  24. southern historian says:

    Her motivations are shown when she said a Muslim child might have a different opinion about the holocaust…..Muslims HATE people learning about the Holocaust…The Holocaust was REMOVED from most text books in England because they said study of it offended Muslims… Remember that the Grand Mufti al Husseini met with Hitler and Himmler and helped create numerous all-Muslim divisions in eastern Europe. Himmler said that he wished Christianity were more like Islam. Mahmoud Abbas the ‘president’ of the ‘Palestinian authority’ wrote in one of several books he wrote on the subject that the jews themselves were responsible for the holocaust and that it was only no more than 1.5 million who were killed…all sacrificed by jews themselves to gain sympathy for re-creating Israel. this is the crap we are dealing with here….Check her purchases and bank accounts….trust me you will why she says what she says…

  25. Linda says:

    There are not two sides to the Holocaust! Simple fact…Jews died because they were Jewish and those who spoke out in Germany to the Jews being slaughtered were also slaughtered. There has never been another side.

    • Patrick Hair says:

      You are firmly locked into a mind prison and fully brainwashed beyond hope. There are usually even more than 2 sides to a story but you can only tolerate 1. Good luck with that. Your “fact” is propaganda and wrong.

      • Donny says:

        Patrick: exactly…..isn’t funny (or scary, actually) that there are laws in over 15 countries that can imprison anyone who dares to question the (un) “holy dogma” of the holocaust ?

  26. Akcita Tridens says:

    Mr. Scrafford who believes there is only one story about the Holocaust and Muslims should just shut up and accept it, and anyone who disagrees needs immediate punishment and public vilification.

    Ironic that he is so committed to the vilification tactics that helped the holocaust occur. What color shirt does Mr. Scrafford wear?…it appears to be brown.

  27. Ed says:


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  29. Joann A Strong says:

    My father fought in WW2 and there were not “two” sides to this he was there when they rescued as many as they could from concentration camps . This woman is dangerous to everyone she needs to be removed from any authority she might now possess.

  30. Patrick Hair says:

    Humpty Numpty—-you are not a real person. If you are you are a coward hiding behind a fake name. I won’t argue with someone who is not even secure enough to be themselves or who is hiding their identity to be a troll. Everyone who has been successfully brainwashed–like you–is mentally ill. Because everything you believe is based on false history and fake news.

  31. Don says:

    Schools should teach the HOLODOMOR and other genocides accomplished at the hands of the jews

  32. Thomas Henderson says:

    This woman is totally unfit to have anything to with the education about our history and especially about how the Germans under the leadership of one of the craziest dictators in modern history Adolf Hitler exterminated over 6 million people who he considered to be the dregs of society. The Jews Gypsies the disable and people with mental problems were thosevgregs thst were eliminated. No matter how much you protest verifiable facts you cant protest the facts that Germans keep verifiable information about how many people were sent to the death camps and how many of them died at the hands of their SS guards.

    • phair2 says:

      Blah-blah-blah typical brainwashed bullshit lies and propaganda taught to you by unfit or also brainwashed teachers from the 1950’s-1990’s who continued tp spread the WW2 propaganda as fact. 6 million. What a joke. Ya know there were 10s of millions of non-Jews who died. No empathy for them. Just the special tribe. All tears reserved for them. There were only about 3 million Jews in ALL OF EUROPE at that time according to national census’s and even the Jewish census but we’ll ignore that and pretend 6 million were there and were killed. Then why did so many survive? Boy they sure did a bad job of killing them if that was the plan. Germans don’t do “bad jobs” that’s why they came “this close” to winning WW 1 also until America got involved which we had no business doing.

  33. Terri Thompson Richardson says:

    Patrick Hair and phair2 are one person. “There has never been one dead body autopsied or even photographed that shows that it died from gas poisoning. Not 1. In 6 million claimed”. Your pathetic attempts to make your “truth” be embraced is laughable. First, forensic autopsy wasn’t as advanced as it is now. Second, the gassed HUMAN BEINGS were immediately put into mass graves rendering forensic autopsy of that era useless. The only way an autopsy could have been performed to “prove” the gassing happened would have to have been done by the Germans. And they certainly weren’t going to do it – they already knew how they died.

    • phair2 says:

      All speculation and guessing on your part. There are tons of dead body photographs from that time BEFORE the bodies were eliminated and NOT 1 shows cherry red from vascular collapse or cyanide blue staining on them. And no witnesses that report these symptoms. Only stories, and most of those stories are by the same 3 dozen famous holocaust/holohoax “survivors” who have become paid actors and lecturers. They did not have the fuel available to get rid of the number of murdered claimed that’s why there were so many dead bodies found at the end of the war. The Allies were destroying their fuel sources and it was a brutally cold winter. The living needed the fuel just to keep warm and cook. No proof. All Lies. I’ve seen the proof of the opposite. Not going back in the dumb and brainwashed cage. Sorry.

      • Edward A Coonce says:

        Yeah, unfortunately, all those black and white photos didn’t show all that red and blue.

      • phair2 says:

        You are the dumbest idiot I’ve ever talked to. Black and white photos don’t show colors……..THERE WERE ACTUAL PEOPLE THERE WHO TOOK THOSE PHOTOS and THEY don’t report strange coloring of the corpses. ANd yes the red stains would show up as a different gray color on the body even in black and white photos. Also color photos existed by then. They were deliberately taken in black and white to conceal what it really looked like. DUH !

  34. phair2 says:

    Typical response from a violent, hateful Commie who has lost the argument with reason.

    • Edward A Coonce says:

      Right wing “reason” is a fantasy. How long have you been glued to Breitbart, Fox News, and Limbaugh? Perfect Pwoud Widdow Boy. You would have been one of the nazis who turned on the zyclon B, without hesitation. You parents were probably the same.

      • phair2 says:

        My mother went along with whatever the American “news” told her. My father was there during and after the war. He was a Bofors 40mm Anti-aircraft gun commander and maintenance chief. He shot down German aircraft but he and his crew were happy to see parachutes which they did 90% of the time. They targeted the engines. He was ashamed and appalled at what we did not only to Germany, but France. For 9 months after the war he buried the dead bodies, mostly German, and cleaned up the towns. When he came home he cried everyday and had trouble being motivated to do anything such as work. You know NOTHING ! I wouldn’t have turned on the zyklon B except to kill the pests on their clothes. Just like the Germans, who never did that either. There is no proof of it and plenty of proof that they didn’t do it. Turning on a deadly gas in those shower rooms would’ve killed my own men too and anyone walking by that got too close to the building or anyone who went in too soon to drag the dead out. The rooms had too many open areas and cracks under the door of 2 inches. There were also windows that could have easily been broken in order to breathe and the doors locked from the inside and opened out. It was not physically possible on 3rd dimensional earth to do what they were accused of with those methods and in those prison rooms. I don’t say so….professional builders of execution rooms say so. Take your argument up with them.

      • You are either a compulsive liar or delusional or both.

      • phair2 says:

        Insults when you can win or prove anything. Sign if a dumb-ass. Fuck you

      • Edward A Coonce says:

        Read some fucking history. My father was in the 82nd Airborne, and fought in North Africa, Italy, France. He was part of the group that occupied Germany after the nazis surrendered and they had to open the “good Germans” eyes to reveal what their beloved regime had done. The separated children from their parents, put them in cages, burned them, experimented on them, etc. Sound familiar? Your Dear Leader would and has started, the very same thing.

      • phair2 says:

        Do some fucking research asswipe instead of the “history” you were taught and spoon-fed. They didn’t do any of it. NO PROOF AT ALL. All lies. ALL-Lies Allies My father was in the 438th Anti-Aircraft Battalion and a gun commander. He knew the truth.

      • phair2 says:

        PROVE IT.. You are repeating brainwashing propaganda mindlessly. I can prove otherwise and so can others. So you and others like you will become irrelevant .

    • Clint Aaron says:

      Too bad there is actually a lot of proof of the Holocaust, not the least of which comes from eyewitness accounts and film footage taken by Americans and others liberating communities where they had death camps. It’s telling that the words of Jews whose families actually died in the Holocaust do not count as “proof” to Holocaust deniers. We also have the proof of the documents that have been left behind of the orders for equipment and specs for gas chambers, etc.

      • phair2 says:

        Wow. More brainwashing. The testimony of victims is always limited to about the same 100 people who are actors, directors, book writers, and lecturers who all get paid and many have trouble keeping their stories straight. Some said that they were in camps that they were never actually in because as you say the Germans kept such good records. ANY STORY of AMERICANS or British or French “liberating death camps” is false. Even the Jews now admit that ALL of the so-called death camps were in the East in the Soviet areas. NONE were in France or Western Germany. There was an old black veteran who was in an American black infantry Division who was doing the college lecture tours and appeared in a documentary where he was talking about liberating camps. But actual records show that his Infantry Division was never near any of the camps. So you see, this is proof of the opposite of what we were told.

  35. Bayla washburne says:

    What the f**k! Is this woman serious? She does not need an education….she needs a brain!

  36. To be honest I can’t tell what she even said. She is so inarticulate and incapable of making sentences that don’t go on endlessly it is frightening. Who elected this clown to the school board? Could anyone imagine being married to that *thing*?

    • I agree with you about her being inarticulate here, but it’s not acceptable to call her a thing. We can take issue with what she promotes, but absolutely cannot stoop to her level as it does nothing but spur her supporters on and makes it appear as though this is simply a bunch of people calling each other names.

      That is absolutely not the case as it’s Schultz and her supporters who are constantly demeaning others. We need to hold them to account, not join their mudslinging

  37. Pingback: Elizabeth Schultz Hosts Event With Senior Staff of Designated Hate Group | Bryan J. Scrafford

  38. Edward A Coonce says:

    The Nazi party is alive and well. Mr. PeeHair is obvious proof of that. How could anyone be so fucking deluded.

    • phair2 says:

      You are the deluded one. I’m an educated researcher and published wargame designer. The US Army uses my games to train their officers. And what do you have….????

    • Clint Aaron says:

      “I’m an educated researcher and published wargame designer. The US Army uses my games to train their officers.”

      Oh! Then it must be true because you said it is, person with anonymous screen name on the Internet. We must believe it.

      I like when people who anonymously post b.s. on message boards make claims that they think people should believe about their backgrounds, especially when they voice hateful opinions. Here’s the problem with the ignorance of Holocaust deniers. Like Trump supporters, proof will not convince them because they have decided what they count as proof. Film footage of Nazis bulldozing the bodies of dead Jews into holes in the ground don’t count as evidence. The Nazis were also notorious for their record keeping.

      But let’s say you are what or who you say you are. There are plenty of terrible “researchers” who publish fake b.s. The Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute were founded on that very principle–false or erroneous “research,” often tailored to the conclusion that the individual wants to reach.

      There is also a known presence of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the US military. So even if you were IN the military, it would not mean you are not full of shit.

      “Lawmakers want closer tracking of white supremacy, Nazi sympathizers in the military”

      • phair2 says:

        No one can tell that they are Jews when they are naked. In one film of bulldozing bodies—the only one I’ve ever seen of that activity, it was a BRITSIH Sargent helping to clean up the area driving the bulldozer. With computers, you can zoom in on it to see things that our parents couldn’t see from a magazine, newspaper photo, or movie clip. The “records” showing extermination were faked during the trials. Former American military lawyers who were bystanders and go-fers saw it happen and admitted to it when they were old. The trials were an unjust joke. And the “evidence” was false with testimony obtained through torture. Out of 139 trial prisoners, all but 2 had their testicles crushed. You’ll sign and admit to anything under those conditions. And the interrogators were mostly Soviets. The Americans stood around watching them do it without lifting a finger to stop it. Yeah, we’re all just such good guys. I’m much less full of shit than you or anyone else who has not done the actual research. Nearly everything we and our parents and grandparents were told about WW2 and what it was founded were deceptions.

  39. phair2 says:

    Insults when you CAN’T win or prove anything. Sign of a dumb-ass.

    • Clint Aaron says:

      I also like people who bitch about insults whose almost every post is filled with insults. The sign of a dumb-ass is someone who buys into a false, extremist notion of history easily countered by people who were actually there–people whose families died in the camps, whom you don’t seem to treat as people or quote–and then pretends to be the secret genius who knows everything on a subject s/he refuses to believe the actual proof of in favor of the dubious information that supports false claims.

      • Patrick Hair says:

        We’ve been lied to and I’ve seen the proof. You haven’t

      • phair2 says:

        I’ve seen the proof of Soviets executing victims wearing captured and mocked up German uniforms but using Tokarev pistols. I’ve seen Stalin’s order to carry this out. November 17, 1941 order 0428. I’ve listened to former KGB agents who have access to secret war archives confirm these things. I’ve seen other doctored photos of Germans smiling and laughing while a Polish woman hangs from their Tiger tank gun with her boobs chopped off. Then I saw the real photo showing it was just a German tank crew enjoying their lunch with NO hanging Polish woman. Same photo, minus the hanging. So there are many fake photos that our grandparents and parents could not carefully examine. I’ve seen captured and phony German uniforms that don’t have the proper identity markers, patches, and insignias on the uniforms. This is how you can tell that somebody just made them up, or they were captured from different German units spread out far and wide and not from a cohesive execution squad. The Germans DID have execution squads for traitors and criminals and terrorists. But so did George Washington in 1776. All armies in all countries have execution units for when they are needed. By the way chopping off women’s breasts was a Soviet thing. They did that during the 1920’s and 1930’s to get rid of anti-Communists

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  42. Ali says:

    I am beside myself and feel this woman needs to go. If she’s being bullied it’s because of what I just read in this article. And really, what the hell is she talking about? There are no two sides to the Holocaust. Killing people for who they are is wrong. If there are parents and their kids that are moronic enough as to not want their children to learn about the Holocaust, then they should keep them home that day. To me the Holocaust is learning history and right from wrong. What kind of human can you raise if you think there is another side and that my friend is mental child abuse.

  43. Barbie Moskowitz says:

    She needs to attend Sensitivity Training!!!! Is there two sides???
    There are many books written about the poor and starving Italians,Germans, Poles, Russians,Hungarians, and Austrians. Instead of blaming their Political Parties, they listened to them and blamed the Jews for their economic depression. They also allowed or contributed to Genocide of 6 million human Beings. Much like the Radical Muslims today. The leadership is robbing them of funds for humanitarian aid and blaming the poverty and hardships on Israel and the Jewish People.

    She Should meet with Eileen Filler Korn Fairfax Rep to State Assembly of VA. She’ll set her straight

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  47. DoKeHi says:

    That video is perfectly titled. My God, is she an idiot! She just strings sounds (I can’t even call them “words”) together at random. The word-noises she is making have no meaning. She doesn’t make a bit of sense. I’d love to see someone try to diagram one of her “sentences”. Can anyone explain what she is actually trying to say?

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  49. Perry Abrams says:

    Dear Ms Shultz:
    I have seen photographic evidence of details in re German Death Camps liberated by American troops during World War II.
    I have spoken to people who were imprisioned in German Death Camps during World War Ii.

    What evidence do you have that the Holocaust
    Did not occur? This evidence can’t reply upon opinion. It must be based on objective, verifiable facts.

    I am awaiting your evidence supporting your views.

  50. Jay MacKay says:

    I think she should live the Jewish side of the Holocaust and then share an opinion. This is coming from a non bullying, not rich middle class second generation Irish person. If we don’t teach an accurate history, we risk repeating it…

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