Amanda Chase Threatens Gun Violence if She’s Not Allowed to Park Wherever She Wants

amanda chaseEven in protests that highlight the concerns surrounding issues of police brutality, most people are quick to highlight how the vast majority of police officers are honorable public servants who put their lives on the lines everyday in order to protect our communities. At a tea party meeting in King William County, however, Senator Amanda Chase bragged about being able to park wherever she wanted because she carries a gun.

“I pretty much park where I need to now, so. They don’t ever give me issues now,” Chase said as her fellow tea party folks laughed. “I should have let them know I was carrying a lot earlier.”

As Cole Driver over at the American Ledger pointed out, the remarks come after Chase received a lot of attention for berating a Capitol police officer for refusing to allow her to park in a restricted area on Capitol grounds instead of in the area assigned to state senators. In addition to verbally assaulting the officer on the scene, she actually went on to try and get them reprimanded since she was inconvenienced by their refusal to violate senate rules.

Senator Chase’s history proves she already doesn’t respect police officers, but her new remarks take it even a step forward as she basically implies she’d use her firearm against them if they didn’t move the “fucking barricades” (the words she used while berating officers during the GA session) and let her park wherever she wanted.

The remarks also come shortly after her campaign ran an online ad that said she’s “not afraid to shot down gun groups.” There was so much outrage over the ad that she was eventually forced to take down the ad and came out with the lame excuse that it was actually a consultant that put the ad out.

Of course, it’s not just recently that Sen. Chase has become obsessed with promoting a culture of gun violence. She’s also bragged about sending a message by walking around on the Senate floor wearing a hand gun, said rape victims were responsible for being attacked if they weren’t armed, claimed we should end gun free zones if we want to avoid mass shootings like the one in El Paso, and openly expressed a desire for the NRA to fund her campaign.

No matter where you stand on the debate surrounding gun violence, however, it is absolutely never okay to imply that you might use your weapon against a police officer simply because they won’t let you park in a restricted area. That’s even more so the case with an elected official who has a past of showing disrespect towards public servants.

Since Sen. Chase is also in an argument with a local sheriff about her belief that he’s not enforcing every single law on the books, I’m sure she’d be interested in knowing that it’s actually a felony to threaten a police officer — something she did by implying she’d use her gun against an officer that stopped her from parking anywhere she wants. Somehow I doubt she wants that law to actually be enforced now though.

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