Capitals Release 2019-2020 Schedule

While many folks are focused in on the Capitals Development Camp taking place in Arlington, VA this week, the Capitals did release their 2020 NHL schedule. The team had already announced they’ll open up the season on October 2 against the defending Stanley Cup Champions in St. Louis and will have their first home game against the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday, October 5, but we now have have the full schedule. If you’re only able to make it out to one or two games a year, there are a few interesting options to consider beyond the home opener (and whichever rival team you’d like to see).

  • The NY Islanders will be coming to town on New Year’s Eve. The 1:30 start time means you’ll still have plenty of time to make it to a party that night….even if you have to drive back out to the suburbs. But it’ll also be fun to see Barry Trotz come back to town.
  • The Caps will have home games both the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, which could be fun ways to spend time with (or get away from) family that’s in town. They’ll play Florida on Wednesday November 27 and Tampa Bay on Friday the 29th.
  • The Capitals will be hosting the Eastern Conference champions at Capital One Arena on December 11
  • Washington will host the Pittsburgh Penguins on Super Bowl Sunday. Considering the rivalry between the two teams, this could be a much more entertaining game than the NFL one that usually accompanies all the new commercials making their debut that day

For what it’s worth, Mike Vogel has a “deep dive” into the schedule that’s definitely everyone should take a few moments to check out as it includes a lot of little tidbits about the season (like how most of the back-to-back night games are in the first half of the season and a five game road trip in late October is the longest of the season). Of course, everyone will be getting their hockey fix the next few months by analyzing the schedule, but it could all change once the season actually starts and we see how everything pans out.

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