Elizabeth Warren Appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show

elizabeth warren on rachel maddowSen. Elizabeth Warren was on the Rachel Maddow show earlier this week and, not too surprisingly, she focused on economic populism while going after big banks and big pharmaceutical companies that have taken advantage of the general public. Even the introduction piece Maddow put together focused on how Warren’s pre-politics career was promoting economic policy that looked out for everyone.

The introduction to the interview focused on Warren’s work relating to bankruptcy law when she was a law professor at Harvard. Even in the ’90’s, there were media reports of her drawing attention to how credit card companies were targeting college students — many of whom were declaring bankruptcy before the age of 25. During the interview, Rachel went on to further highlight how Sen. Warren hasn’t just been focused on economic populism to score political points. It’s been a consistent message of her professional career long before she even entered the political arena.

“You were an academic expert in that phenomenon before you were ever a political figure,” Maddow said. “You were a policy person in Washington on that issue before you were ever a elected official campaigning on this issue. This has been your life’s work — to undue tilt of the system.”

The Senator also highlighted how just using rhetoric that supports progressive economic policy isn’t enough. Candidates need to run a truly grassroots campaign that depends on small dollar donations and volunteers instead of donations from billionaire’s and PACs. This is a move that could limit the power that billionaires and corporations have over politicians, which would allow them to take a further interest in actually promoting economic policies that will support everyone — not just those who can write big campaign checks.

In addition to discussing economic policy, the discussion also covered foreign policy. This was interesting because if there is a legitimate criticism that could be made of Sen. Warren, it’s that she doesn’t have a huge amount of foreign policy experience — though she does serve of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

This wasn’t just a quick interview as it lasted about 20 minutes, but I highly recommend taking the time to watch it. You can see the full video here.

About Bryan J. Scrafford

Bryan Scrafford is a community organizer based in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Since first becoming involved in Virginia politics during his college days at George Mason University, Scrafford has been a fierce advocate for LGBT equality, economic justice, and other progressive causes. He's involved in several community organizations, including being the state director for Americans for Democratic Action.
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