Travis Boyd Re-Assigned to Hershey

The Capitals announced this morning that they’ve re-assigned forward Travis Boyd to Hershey. Boyd performed solidly while in DC, making his NHL debut on Monday against the San Jose Sharks and playing again on Wednesday against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Boyd was only in the lineup due to injuries to Andre Burakovsky and Chandler Stephenson, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that his first stint in the NHL didn’t last too long despite his strong performance. Stephenson was already back in the lineup against the Blackhawks, after all, and Burakovsky has been practicing with the team already.

Although he hasn’t been officially cleared, Burakovsky hasn’t appeared to suffer any setbacks in practice as he’s nearing a return from a fractured thumb. Today’s announcement has therefore led to speculation that he could play with the Capitals on Friday for the first time since October 24.

Burakovsky’s potential return to the team on Friday is a little earlier than was originally expected. After he practiced with the team on Monday, for instance, the Washington Post reported that he was expected to return next week. But the few days he’s coming back early could be from what he’s shown in practice. He had mentioned that most of his issues during practice were from timing and getting used to be back on the ice — not from pain in his thumb. So, it very well could be that he’s simply gotten his timing back quicker than expected.

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