New York Yankees Are Most Valuable MLB Team

With the Miami Marlins up for sale as they hosted this week’s Major League All Star game, there’s been a lot of discussion about the value of sports franchises. That includes an article by Kurt Badenhausen about the most expensive sports franchises in the world.

In a list that is dominated by NFL organizations, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Dallas Cowboys came out to be the most expensive organization in the world with a worth of $4.2 billion. Coming in second place was the New York Yankees with a worth of $3.7 billion

“The New York Yankees are undergoing a youth movement on the field led by Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, but the team’s finances are still tops in baseball,” Badenhausen wrote. “The Yankees are the world’s second most valuable team, worth $3.7 billion, up 9% from 2016, when the Bronx Bombers ranked fourth. The Yankees have the highest sponsorship revenue ($120 million) and premium seating revenue ($130 million) in the sport.”

In addition to the Yankees, there were seven other MLB teams that made it into the top 50 — though nobody else was in the top 10. The other organizations were the LA Dodgers at 13 worth $2.75 billion, the Boston Red Sox at 16 worth $2.7 billion, the Chicago Cubs at 18 worth $2.68 billion, the San Francisco Giants at 19 worth $2.65 billion, the New York Mets at 39 worth $2 billion, the St. Louis Cardinals at 47 worth 1.8 billion, and the LA Angels worth 1.75 came in at number 50.

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