Michael A. Taylor Out With Oblique Strain

While most of the talk about last night’s game has been about how it was delayed for over three hours even though there was only about 15 minutes of rain, there was some news that fans should be more devastated about. Michael A. Taylor came out of the game with a right oblique strain and will be placed on the 10 day disabled list.

Apparently Taylor has “been dealing with it for a couple of weeks now,” but “felt like a sharp pain in my side” during his at bat in the bottom of the third last night. He was able to finish out the at bat, but didn’t take the field in the top of the fourth.

Taylor will be heading to the DL and the Nationals will be activating Chris Heisey from the DL. He had been out since May 24 with bicep issues. Perhaps the good news is that the team really doesn’t appear to think this is that big of a deal. Dusty Baker, for instance, is already talking about how some of the 10 days Taylor’s required to be on the DL will be eaten up by the All Star game.

“Hopefully it won’t be more than 10 days,” Baker said according to Eddie Matz of ESPN. “Luckily for us, four of those days are the All-Star break. So if it was going to happen, we couldn’t pick a more opportune time.”

Fortunately, there has been a fair amount of good outfield depth for the Nationals this year even as players continue to go down with injury.  You might remember, for instance, that I mentioned there was some debate about who they should send down to the minors (Brian Goodwin or Ryan Raburn) when Jayson Werth returns from his foot injury.

With Taylor out, Goodwin will become the starting center fielder and Raburn will likely be getting most of the time in left. If they’re both able to continue performing well while getting more playing time, this could potentially catch the eye of some teams looking to make trades once the injured outfielders make their way back to the lineup.

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