Seth Romero Still Hasn’t Signed With Nationals

Seth Romero, the Nationals’ first round draft pick, still hasn’t signed with the Washington Nationals despite the fact that the deadline is Friday at 5pm.

According to Jim Callis of, the left handed pitcher out of University of Houston is one of six first rounders who has yet to sign. He claims, however, that all six are expected to sign by the deadline.

The Nationals have a history of dealing with Romero’s agent, Scott Boras, so I’d be surprised if a deal didn’t get done. It also shouldn’t be too surprising that this deal is coming down to the wire. As Chelsea Janes pointed out on twitter, after all, the “Nats and Boras-repped first rounders tend to go down to the wire.”

On top of all that, Romero doesn’t really have another option besides signing with the Nationals. While he has just finished up his Junior year at the University of Houston, he was kicked off the baseball team there. He therefore can’t simply go back to play during his senior year.

For what it’s worth, the assigned signing bonus value for the 25th overall pick (which was used on Romero) is $2,530,400. Considering Boras’s reputation for getting large contracts for his clients, I would expect the bonus to be right around that number and maybe even slightly higher. The penalty the team would receive for going over the $5,503,500 number for it’s entire draft pool, however, would prevent anything crazy.

UPDATE: Romero ended up signing for $2.8 million.

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