Nats vs Mets Postponed Due to Rain

tarp on fieldFor those who arrived early enough for batting practice today, it was actually pretty nice weather. There was a breeze that suggested a storm might be on it’s way, but temperatures were right around 80 degrees as both teams took BP. Then the black clouds rolled in and the grounds crew put the tarp on the field about a half hour before scheduled game time.

After a downpour for about 90 minutes, the rain let up a little bit and the grounds crew even came out with squeegees to try to drain the field a little bit. But the rain never stopped and it was announced at about 9pm that the game would be postponed.

One of the big complaints among fans that were at the game was it took them so long to actually announce that the game was postponed. A few even joked that it was because the organization wanted people to be eating and drinking for a good two hours before sending them on their way.

While I share in some of that frustration, I tend to believe they should do whatever they can to get in the game as scheduled. My main point of contention would be with Metro, which closes at 11:30 on weeknights. That means that even if the game had started at 9pm instead of being postponed then, I still wouldn’t have been able to stay for the whole game. I’d have to leave early to make sure I caught my train.

With that being said, there was at least one good thing that came out of the game being postponed. Dusty Baker likes to give his starters days off and was going to give Bryce Harper today off. The rain allowed Dusty to give his whole team a day off.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be a rain filled day, but if the game goes on as scheduled it was announced that the Nationals will be skipping Tanner Roark’s start (he was supposed to go today). They’ll be going with Gio tomorrow, Scherzer Friday, Strasburg Saturday, and it’s TBA for Sunday. That TBA would normally be Ross’s  spot, but Roark would obviously be extremely well rested on that last day before the All Star break.

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