Secretary Mnuchin says there could be a good government shutdown

KaineSecretary Steve Mnuchin testified before the Senate Budget Committee earlier today about the budget released by President Donald Trump. While they didn’t really get into the details of the budget, there were a variety of budget related issues that they did cover.

During an exchange with Sen. Tim Kaine, for instance, the Secretary was asked about a tweet of Trump’s that said “Our country needs a good “shutdown” in September to fix mess!” Kaine wanted to know if Mnuchin thought there would ever be a good time for a government shutdown.

Although the Secretary said during another exchange that he hopes a solution to funding issues would be put in place before Congress goes on it’s August recess and told Kaine a shutdown would be “an unfortunate outcome,” he admitted he thought there could be times where a shutdown could be good.

“At times there could be a good shutdown, at times there may not be a good shutdown,“ Mnuchin said. “There could be reasons at various times why that is the right outcome.”

Kaine was quick to point out that he represents a state where there’s a very large federal workforce. All of those workers are not only impacted when there’s an actual shutdown, but the uncertainty of whether or not one will happen can also influence how families go about making their budget.

Considering how Sen. Bernie Sanders used his opening statement to say this was the “most anti-working class budget” that would cause “devastating pain” to millions of families, it was clear the Democrats were already unhappy with the way things were going in terms of the budget. Add in the revelation that Secretary Mnuchin believes there might be a good time for a shutdown and there is clearly a divide in the direction the political parties want to move forward.

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