Ryan Raburn travels 13 hours to meet up with Nationals

When you think of the life of a major league baseball player, you mainly thing of how glamorous it could be. Not only do they get to make an enormous amount of money to play baseball, but they get to travel in relative comfort….at least usually. Ryan Raburn, however, had a 13 hour trip to make to meet the Nationals in Los Angelos yesterday.

As Chelsea Janes from the Washington Post pointed out, Raburn rode the bus from Rochester, NY to Pawtucket, RI with the Syracuse Chiefs expecting to play against the Paw Sox. When he arrived in Pawtucket, however, he received word that he was actually being called up to the big leagues. He therefore took a cab to Logan Airport in Boston (which took two hours due to traffic) and then flew out to LA.

Despite the long day of travel, Raburn didn’t have much time to rest up because Dusty Baker penciled him in to bat second and play left field against the Dodgers last night.

“It’s been a little chaotic,” Raburn said according to Janes. “But it’s definitely worth it to be back up here and playing with a great team.”

Unfortunately, Raburn didn’t have as strong a showing as he would hope during his first game in the big leagues this year. He went 0 for 4 and was eventually taken out of the game in a double switch. Since the Nationals will likely need him to bat against Kershaw on Wednesday, though, he likely won’t have to do any travel before his next start and will hopefully have a stronger showing.

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