Justin Fairfax collects 16,369 petition signatures

One of the first major tasks a campaign has to do is collect petition signatures to get on the ballot. In a statewide race, the campaign has to collect at least 400 signatures from each congressional district and a grand total of at least 10,000 signatures statewide. Most campaigns try to far surpass those numbers to make sure they qualify for the ballot and to send a message of how strong their campaign is at the moment.

With that in mind, Justin Fairfax’s campaign has announced that they submitted 16,329 signatures with at least 800 from each of the 11 Congressional Districts in Virginia.

The news comes on the verge of a new poll showing Susan Platt leading the LG race by almost a two to one margin, so the campaign is using this to highlight some of the victories they’ve had recently. With that in mind, here’s the statement that was put out with the signature numbers:

“We are excited to announce this major milestone in our campaign. Over the past months and weeks, our organizers and volunteers have talked to voters in every part of the Commonwealth. This is truly a grassroots campaign fueled by our supporters. We have won all four straw polls for Lieutenant Governor by wide margins, and Justin has traveled more than 25,000 miles around the Commonwealth since entering the race last May. We also have been endorsed by Congressman Gerry Connolly, more than half of the Senate Democratic Caucus, including the leadership, and more than one hundred elected officials and party leaders throughout Virginia. Our message of fighting for more economic security and opportunity for all Virginians and protecting everyone’s civil rights and liberties is resonating in this political climate where people are hungry for hope, positivity, and change. Real change requires grassroots energy and new ideas and is powered by the people. We will charge ahead to the June 13th primary where Democrats will decide the vision they want for Virginia. Our campaign has the energy, support, and momentum to win in June and help the entire Democratic ticket win in November.”

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