Democracy for America endorses Justin Fairfax

justin-fairfaxVirginia’s off year elections have received a significant amount of attention all across the country since they’re going to be the first referendum on the Trump Administration. With that in mind, the national progressive organization Democracy for America has weighed in in some races and decided to endorse Justin Fairfax’s campaign for Lt. Governor.

“Across the country, the American people are hungry for leaders who will stand up to the wealthy and powerful and work towards racial and economic justice for all,” said Jim Dean, the chair of Democracy for America. “These fights sit at the core of Justin Fairfax’s bold vision for Virginia and they’re why we’re so excited to be standing with him in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor From advocating for expansion of early childhood education to showing up at Dulles airport to help those detained by Trump’s Muslim Ban, Justin has demonstrated a clear understanding that Democrats’ path back to power is through bold progressive ideas and action.”

It’s also worth noting that DFA also endorsed eight candidates for the House of Delegates. The organization endorsed the following incumbents in their first round of endorsements Lashrecse Aird (VA-63), Lamont Bagby (VA-74), Jennifer Boysko (VA-86), Jeff Bourne (VA-71), Mark Levine (VA-45), Delores McQuinn (VA-70), Marcia Price (VA-95), and Jeion Ward (VA-92).’

While there’s the possibility that they could endorse more candidates in the future, I think it’s noteworthy that there’s no endorsement in the gubernatorial primary and not every Democratic incumbent received an endorsement. This is important because it shows that DFA isn’t going to support a candidate just because there’s a D by their name on the ballot.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a new organization looking to make a splash in the news. DFA has been around since it was founded by Howard Dean back in 2004 and has over 37,000 members in Virginia alone. If the organization can mobilize just a fraction of those members for Justin’s campaign, it will be a huge benefit in trying to get people out to the polls on primary day (June 13).

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