Justin Fairfax wins another straw poll

In the race for Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax once again easily won the straw poll at Gerry Connolly’s St. Patrick’s Day party. At an event that had almost 1,200 people present, Justin won with 78 percent of the vote compared to 16 percent for Susan Platt and 6 percent for Gene Rossi.

It should also be noted that Justin’s staff and volunteers made sure that he presence was felt at the event. Not only were there folks handing out stickers and working the crowd, but there were probably close to 250 campaign signs that were set up outside the event on the street and in the parking lot. Everyone always says signs don’t vote, but everything helps in a race that’s receiving a relatively small amount of attention.

With that being said, having a bunch of signs and winning a series of straw polls doesn’t automatically translate into electoral victories on primary day. It does, however, give the campaign the opportunity to talk about momentum which can help with fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and garnering media attention. All of those are factors can definitely help with getting people to the polls.

For those of you who are interested, here is video of some of the Lt. Governor candidates speaking to the crowd. First up is Justin Fairfax.

Here’s Susan Platt speaking to the crowd.

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