Justin Fairfax and Ralph Northam win straw poll in Alexandria

justin-fairfaxWe’re in the middle of what seems to be the season for straw polls. We had the Mt. Vernon Democratic Committee’s Mardi Gras party and straw poll last weekend, the Alexandria Democratic Committee’s straw poll yesterday, and Gerry Connolly’s St. Patrick’s Day party and straw poll next weekend.

In a very similar fashion to what happened last weekend in Mt. Vernon, Justin Fairfax won the Lt. Governor straw poll last night in Alexandria. He received 135 votes compared to 52 for Gene Rossi and 32 for Susan Platt.

The big news here is that while both Rossi and Platt didn’t appear to even try competing, Rossi ended up having about 20 votes more than Platt. Since she’s trying to portray herself as the frontrunner due to her experience as chief of staff to Joe Biden, this really cuts into her argument. While I don’t expect her to compete with Justin Fairfax, who has shown a strong ability to turn out his supporters to these events, it will be interesting to see if she’s able to come in a solid second place next weekend at Gerry Connolly’s event.

ralph-northamIn the gubernatorial primary, Ralph Northam easily defeated Tom Perriello again by a margin of 136 to 76.

Since scientific polling has shown this to be a fairly tight race, these numbers suggest that the Perriello campaign has simply decided not to compete in the straw polls. I therefore wouldn’t expect him to compete next weekend at Gerry Connolly’s event. While not getting blown out would probably be a good thing, a last minute effort to get supporters out probably won’t do anything except draw attention to the fact that he hasn’t been winning any of these polls.

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