Gerry Connolly and Justin Fairfax respond to new Muslim Ban

Hoping that this one will be able to withstand court challenges, President Trump signed another version of his Muslim Ban this morning. This one didn’t have Iraq on the list of banned countries, but still affects travelers from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya and will go into affect on March 16.

There were some amazing protests that organically sprung up in the aftermath of the first executive order was signed. If you’ve heard Justin Fairfax speak recently, you’ve probably heard him talk about how he was one of the lawyers who volunteered to make sure that everyone being detained at Dulles Airport that first night eventually made their way home. I was therefore rather interested to hear what his response would be to this new executive order.

“We will continue to Resist,” Justin said in a tweet. “The Muslim Ban is immoral and unconstitutional. We will not tire and we will not quit!”

Justin’s not the only politician from Virginia who quickly responded to the new executive order by claiming that it’s still immoral.

“This Muslim Ban 2.0 is still rooted in the same bigotry and discrimination that’s come to define this Administration,” Rep. Gerry Connolly said in a statement. “It’s un-American and antithetical to our values.”

You might remember that Gerry also used the President’s address to Congress as a way to protest against the Muslim Ban. His guest for the speech was the sister of an interpreter who was banned from the country due to Trump’s executive order despite the fact that he had helped the US military in Iraq.

Interestingly enough, there was a big ceremony when Trump signed the original executive order but he signed this one privately. He then had Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Attorney General Jeff Sessions hold a press conference announcing the new ban.  As it stands right now, Press Secretary Sean Spicer also isn’t scheduled to hold an on camera briefing today either.

So while opponents of the ban are quickly making their opinion known, the person signing the new order has decided to hide from the press. While there might be a variety of reasons for that move, I think it’s telling that the White House doesn’t want to draw too much attention to the new ban.

UPDATE: Justin Fairfax released the following statement in addition to the tweet I referenced above.

“The Trump Administration’s newly-announced Muslim travel ban is just as immoral, unconstitutional, and unethical as its’ first travel ban, which is being successfully challenged and stopped in our federal courts.”

“I was proud to go to Dulles Airport to stand up against Trump and his unconstitutional travel ban, and, as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, I will keep fighting. Religious freedom is sewn into the fabric of this nation. This most recent action shows that this President is not interested in representing all Americans. As Lieutenant Governor, I will fight to ensure the safety and equal protection of everyone in our Commonwealth.”

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