Video: David Reid speaks about his background

It’s been a busy weekend for those involved in Northern Virginia politics and one of the events was a meet and greet with David Reid out in Ashburn.  David is running for the House of Delegates against Tag Greason in the 32nd district.

The 32nd district is one of the most competitive districts in Northern Virginia and has a good chance of turning blue in November. During the last two elections, Elizabeth Miller had strong showings against Delegate Greason (he won with only 53.1% of the vote in 2015 and 51.3% in 2013) and all the energy on the Democratic side this year could push David over the edge with a well run campaign.

David has spent his adult life giving back to his community in one form or the other, so it isn’t a big jump for him to want to serve as a member of the House of Delegates. He began having some conversations about running last summer and officially announced his candidacy back in January.

Now that he’s running, he’s been getting a lot of support from people all across the political spectrum. He spoke of libertarians he knows being willing to support his campaign, for instance, because they know he’s willing to put finding solutions ahead of partisanship.

The quest to get enough petitions to get on the ballot has also shown the campaign is being built in the right way. Instead of simply taking the easy way out and having people stand outside Giant Food stores or libraries to collect signatures, his campaign’s already cutting turf for volunteers to go out canvassing and is hitting the homes of people marked as strong and moderate Democrats.

While this might not sound like a big deal, this can have long term benefits for the campaign. Firstly, by targeting Democrats it gets people excited about the campaign and can really help word spread about the campaign. Secondly, it’ll give David the opportunity to learn about any issues facing certain neighborhoods.

At tonight’s event, David briefly spoke about his background and why he’s running before spending a few minutes taking questions from the crowd. For those of you who are interested, here’s the video of his speech.

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