Video: Karrie Delaney speaks at office opening

There was a crowd of about 40 people who gathered to listen to Karrie Delaney speak at her official office opening event earlier this afternoon. While there were a couple familiar faces of people who have been active in politics for awhile, most of the people I spoke to were getting involved with politics for the first time. Another interesting aspect was that there were several families who brought their teenagers along with them to hear her speak.

It might not have been a huge crowd, but the decent showing was telling for several reasons. First, the state central committee for the Democratic Party was meeting down in Richmond today. That means that a large number of people who would typically show up to events like this were down in Richmond and unable to make it to the event.

Also, the Mt. Vernon Democratic Committee is having it’s annual Mardi Gras party tonight. This is a big event because it features one of the first straw polls for statewide candidates running in the primaries for Lt. Governor and Governor. While I’ll be going to that event as well, a lot of people aren’t going to spend their whole day going to political events like me — which means there’s another group of political insiders who weren’t going to make it to the office opening.

In other words, the crowd of 40 people or so truly was grassroots support that was showing up for Karrie’s campaign. When you combine that with how many people had already been doing volunteer work for her earlier in the day, it’s a sign of some good things to come for the campaign.

For those who are interested, here’s video of the speech that Karrie gave to the crowd.

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