Gerry Connolly to bring guest to Trump’s speech

When President Trump addresses a joint session of Congress tomorrow evening, every member is allowed to bring a guest to sit in the gallery. While some members have members of their family join them, it’s also not uncommon for them to invite guests that have something to do with events being discussed in the news.

In the case of Rep. Gerry Connolly, that means inviting Farah Alkhafaji. According to Gerry’s office, Farah’s brother is an Iraqi interpreter who was originally denied entry into the United States due to Trump’s executive order banning people from certain countries from entering.

It’s not only Farah’s brother who has sacrificed for the US military. Her husband was actually killed earlier for working with the United States, which is a prime example of the danger Iraqis often face if they’re willing to work with the Americans.

“Trump’s Executive Order would ban heroes like Farah and her brother from entering our country,” said Connolly. “They served side-by-side with American soldiers. Their service should be honored, not second guessed. They are patriots.”

Fortunately, despite her brother initially being denied entry into the United States, things appear to be going well for Farah. She passed her citizenship test last month and has resettled here in Northern Virginia. Plus, she has continued her personal attachment to the US military by marrying a Lt. Commander in the US Navy.

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