New Poll Shows Donald Trump Beating Elizabeth Warren in Hypothetical Matchup

elizabeth-warrenThere’s been a lot of discussion about Elizabeth Warren lately as she’s received attention for being silenced during the debate surrounding Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be Attorney General. Some people have even suggested that the event might have been the kickoff to her 2020 presidential campaign. With all this positive attention, however, a new poll shows that she wouldn’t beat President Trump in a head to head match up.

According to the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, President Trump would beat Senator Warren 42 percent to 36 percent in a hypothetical matchup. As is almost always the case during these hypothetical matchups, there’s also a large percentage of people who are unsure of how they’d vote (22 percent in this case).

At this point in time, the poll suggests a generic Democrat would actually perform better in the election than Warren. The generic Democrat would get 43 percent of the vote compared to 35 percent for Trump. While some might consider this a bad sign for Warren, it’s important to remember that part of Warren’s low numbers might simply be liberal voters who are still saying they’d rather support Bernie Sanders or some other Democrat.

Another reason you can’t read too much into these numbers is that a large portion of those surveyed didn’t actually know much about Warren. 33 percent of those polled, after all, either hadn’t heard of her or had no opinion. Of those who had heard of her, her favorables had a 7 point lead over her unfavorables (37 percent had a favorable opinion, while 30 percent had an unfavorable opinion).

Since polls are always simply a snapshot in time, it’s also worth noting when the actual calls were being made. The polling was conducted on Thursday and Friday of last week, so it was in the days right after Warren was silenced during the Sessions debate. At the same time, it was also before the resignation of Trump’s national security adviser and all the revelations that brought about.

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