Sen. Elizabeth Warren Impersonated on SNL

President Trump has obviously been a frequent subject on Saturday Night Live in recent months as actor Alec Baldwin has become known for his spot on impersonation of the President. Melissa McCarthy then joined in the fun by portraying White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Members of the Trump Administration aren’t the only ones getting impersonated, however, as cast member Kate McKinnon impersonated Elizabeth Warren during the Weekend Update section of the program.

While impersonating Warren, McKinnon went actually interrogated the Weekend Update anchor, Colin Jost, about how he was paid the same as other cast members even though he only appeared in one segment per week. She went on to also question whether he received “freebies and swag bags” from corporations and asked if he was a members of the Goldman Sachs board.

When asked about having Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell try to silence her during the debate surrounding Jeff Session’s nomination to become Attorney General, she went on to play on Mitch McConnell’s statement about the situation.

Mitch McConnell “did try to shut me up,” she said, “but nevertheless I persisted in making Twitter my B.” Somehow the fact that I highly doubt the real Senator Warren would ever say she made something “my b” — especially twitter — seemed to make the line even funnier.

Still in her Warren character, McKinnon also said there were only three members of the US Senate standing up for the liberal wing of the Democratic Party: “it’s me, and Bernie, and Schumer — Amy Schumer.”

It’s definitely worth checking out the video as the impersonation is very well done.

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