Perriello Supports Moving Confederate Statues

As someone who was a history major in college and spent a lot of time studying the Civil War era, I have been following the debate surrounding statue of Confederate leaders in Charlottesville. I believe studying this era is important, but agree that we don’t want to come across as worshiping leaders who promoted the institution of slavery. I therefore support the decision to move the statue.

It appears as though I’m not the only person who’s weighing in in support of the decision. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello appeared on NBC29 yesterday and gave his two cents.

“I think how we memorialize the past says a lot about our future, and I know Virginia’s future is one that’s inclusive,” Perriello said. “It’s one that’s got be to be based on justice and fairness, and I these are steps in the right direction.”

He went on to say that he realizes there has been a lot of strong opinions on both sides of the debate, but that he believes the community discussion surrounding the three to two vote was a very important part of the vote.

This is a smart realization — one that needs to be remembered even outside of this issue. There has been so much discussion, after all, about how to take all the energy from the protests happening across the country and turn it into legislative action. If Perriello truly believes in public discourse playing a role in the legislative process, he might be the right candidate to lead Democrats to a victory in November.

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