Adam Parkhomenko Won’t Run for Lt. Governor

There had been a lot of speculation about whether former Hillary Clinton staffer Adam Parkhomenko would run for Lt. Governor. It actually caused some stir ups online between supporters of some of the declared candidates and those who wanted Adam to run. Nonetheless, Parkhomenko has announced that he won’t be running for Lt. Governor.

Instead, he’s be running to be one of five Vice-Chairs of the Democratic National Committee. Members of the DNC will meet in February to vote on the leadership, so he doesn’t have too much time to build up support. On top of that, he has to overcome how the person he’s hoping to replace (former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak) has already endorsed Mike Blake — a member of the New York State Assembly from the Bronx.

This announcement doesn’t mean the field for Lt. Governor is already set with just Justin Fairfax and Gene Rossi. Ever since Eileen Filler-Corn decided not to run, there’s been a lot of discussion about having another woman potentially enter the field. According to Ben Tribbett’s Facebook page, it appears as though that might happen as Susan Smocer Platt is considering entering the race.

Susan is Joe Biden’s former chief of staff and lives in the Great Falls area of Northern Virginia. She’ll apparently be on the John Fredericks radio show tomorrow with Ben to discuss her plans.

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