Justin Fairfax Endorsed by Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea

As there’s been a lot of talk about Adam Parkhomenko considering a bid for Lt. Governor, it appears as though the Justin Fairfax campaign is moving forward like nothing much has changed. Fairfax has already received a significant number of endorsements and picked up another one today from Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea, Sr.

“Today, I am proud to enthusiastically endorse Justin Fairfax as the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2017. Justin has put forth a powerful and positive vision for economic development and criminal justice reform throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and he has a keen understanding of the unique challenges and tremendous opportunities that exist in Roanoke and similar communities in all parts of Virginia. Justin has traveled tens of thousands of miles across the Commonwealth in the past four years thoughtfully listening to the concerns, hopes, and dreams of our citizens. He has a brilliant policy mind, a genuine spirit, and a true passion for bettering the lives of others and providing them with the same opportunities he has had in his own life. Justin will fight for more economic security and opportunity for everyone in Roanoke and the Commonwealth of Virginia. We need his positive, energetic, forward-thinking, and innovative leadership now more than ever. He will be a great Lieutenant Governor for Virginia.”

“I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of a great Southwest Virginia leader like Mayor Lea,” said Justin Fairfax. “As a prominent and longtime elected official in Roanoke, a leader in Virginia’s criminal justice system, a successful businessman, and a faith and community leader, Sherman knows exactly what it takes to propel the Commonwealth to higher heights and to create more economic security and opportunity for all Virginians. I look forward to working closely with Mayor Lea to bring more robust economic development, capital investment, jobs, affordable higher education, criminal justice reform, and more broadly shared prosperity to Roanoke, Southwest Virginia, and the entire Commonwealth.”

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