Adam Parkhomenko Might Run for Lt. Governor

adam-parkhomenkoI have to admit that when I first saw the tweets about Adam Parkhomenko considering a bid for Lt. Governor, I didn’t quite know what to make of them. Like my friend Karen mentioned in the comments over at Blue Virginia, I thought it could have simply been Ben Tribbett up to his old jokes again.

It turns out, Adam is seriously considering the run and even shared a letter on Facebook that Hillary Clinton sent him after his first campaign for House of Delegates back in 2009. The letter encouraged him not to give up after a losing campaign and to continue his public service efforts.

It’s not just political insiders here in Northern Virginia that are discussing Adam’s potential LG campaign. The fact that a Clinton staffer is considering running has even received national press, something that shows how he might be able to get the media attention needed to get such a late start in the campaign. Despite all of this attention, however, you have to wonder how much of a chance Adam would actually have if he were to entire the Democratic primary.

While everyone who knows Adam seems to like him, he would enter the race after Justin Fairfax already has begun picking up most of the big endorsements and has done well in the fundraising department. Furthermore, Fairfax has already run a statewide campaign (barely losing in the Democratic primary for Attorney General four years ago) and has been traveling around the Commonwealth ever since. That really gives him a name recognition advantage over Parkhomenko (he’s largely just known here in Northern Virginia).

One of Fairfax’s biggest potential opponents, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, even decided against running which has only helped cement his front runner status.

Where Parkhomenko might have an advantage, however, is that he could potentially tap into the Clinton network for both field staff and fundraising. This is especially the case now that Virginia’s 2017 elections will at least partially serve as a referendum on Trump’s first year in office.

Either way, he’ll have to make a decision relatively soon if he wants to have enough time to build a solid campaign.

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