Nancy Pelosi on November Jobs Report

talking pointsSince Obama is only in office for another month and a half, there are a lot of people looking at the jobs report and comparing it to when he took office. With that in mind, it should be noted that the 4.6 percent unemployment rate is the lowest we’ve seen since August 2007… a year and a half before Obama would take office.

There were 178,000 jobs added during the month of November (156,000 of which were in the private sector). This means 15.6 million private sector jobs have been added since early 2010.

All this good news caused Nancy Pelosi to release the following statement on the November jobs report.

“Overall, November’s jobs report shows the economy is moving forward. However, for many communities and families across America, the story is different. Too many Americans feel deep anxiety about their jobs, their wages and their future.

“As Democrats have said again and again, Congress has a responsibility to create more good-paying jobs, raise workers’ wages, and ensure that no community is left behind. While Republicans and their corporate allies have done everything they can to stop American workers from receiving the overtime pay they deserve, Democrats will continue fighting for the strengthened overtime protections that should have taken effect on December 1. Democrats will hold Republicans accountable for their brazen effort to keep millions of Americans working longer hours for less pay.

“We are eager to work across the aisle to rebuild America with a robust infrastructure bill that creates good-paying jobs. However, Republicans in Congress are clearly more interested in dismantling Medicare than passing a job-creating infrastructure bill. Americans who have worked all their lives need Medicare to be there for them in retirement, and Democrats will fight ferociously against Speaker Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it.”

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