Nancy Pelosi Remains Minority Leader

After facing an unexpected challenge from Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, Nancy Pelosi will remain the leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Only 12 members of the Democratic Caucus publicly endorsed Ryan for the job, but he received 63 votes during the secret ballot today. While he still received less than half of Pelosi’s 134 votes, it was the biggest challenge she’s received to her leadership.

The last time Pelosi even faced a challenge was back in 2010, which is the year the year of the Tea Party movement started and caused Democrats to lose 63 seats and the majority in the House of Representatives. The relatively conservative (and former Redskins quarterback) Heath Schuler had garnered 43 votes in that race.

Despite facing the challenge to her leadership, it appears as though Pelosi is ready to move forward with Trump in the White House.

“I, quite frankly, feel more liberated than I ever have after a vote after such a hard charging campaign,” Pelosi said after the vote according to Roll Call.

For what it’s worth, it also appears as though the party will remain united as possible in the House. Tim Ryan, for instance, told Roll Call that he doesn’t expect any backlash for him or those who publicly supported him.

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