About Bryan

IMG_3451Born and raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Bryan Scrafford first got involved in politics while pursuing a degree in American History at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. While he initially became involved through the GMU Democrats and eventually served in leadership positions for the Democratic Party, he prides himself on having spent the majority of his adult life successfully leading efforts for various issue based advocacy organizations.

Over the years, Bryan’s work has primarily focused on economic, environmental, and social justice issues such as expanding access to affordable healthcare, raising the minimum, and fighting for LGBTQ equality.  Whether it’s through work he’s done for national organizations such as Americans for Democratic Action or while serving in leadership positions with state and local organizations, his dedication to fighting for sound policy is what’s allowed him to develop a long history of building broad coalitions that successfully fought for meaningful reforms.

Considering how much of his early activism involved blogging and other social media activities, Bryan’s also sought after for his experience in using online outreach tools to strengthen work done through in-person activities. His expertise has been sought after by electoral campaigns, various non-profit groups, and elected officials at all levels of government.